Osano makes "22 Start Ups To Watch in 2022" list

  • by Osano Staff
  • · posted on February 2, 2022
  • · 1 min read
Osano makes "22 Start Ups To Watch in 2022" list

Today, we’re excited to annouce that Osano has been selected by Built In Austin as part of its “22 Start Ups to Watch in 2022.” 

The secret’s out that Austin is a hotspot for start ups. It’s even been referred to as a “mini Silicon Valley.” Built In Austin’s list spotlights the hub’s innovative and new tech companies most poised for growth this year. 

To qualify, companies had to be founded after 2016 and focused on technology that fulfills a need, such as access to health, destigmatizing grief or making data privacy practices transparent on the internet. 

Built in Austin selected Osano in part because of its “No Fines, No Penalties” Pledge, which promises to cover up to $200,000 fines should a regulator levy one against an Osano customer. 

“Osano backs its confidence in its platform with a “No Fines, No Penalties” Pledge,” writes Avery Komlofske for Built In Austin. “This promise is an industry first and indicative of how much the company believes in its product.” 

See the full Built in Austin article. And if you’re interested in being part of this journey, check out our open roles!

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