Lawsuits in U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, Tennessee Middle

Osano monitors the vendors you use and alerts you if they are named as a defendant in a lawsuit in the Federal U.S. Bankruptcy Courts of Tennessee, Tennessee Middle.

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Monitor Lawsuits in Tennessee Federal Courts.

Osano makes it easy to monitor for lawsuits against your vendors. Osano monitors hundreds of Federal & State courts including Tennessee Federal Courts.

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What's New at Osano

8,500 Vendor Milestone

Osano's vendor risk assessment database has crossed the 8,500 number mark!

Application Release 2019.2

Osano regularly releases updates. This October update improves notifications, addresses numerous user interface bugs, and refreshes the entire application. See the full changelog.

Osano Launch

Osano's open-source tools currently help more than 750,000 active websites with their compliance. These numbers make Osano the most pervasive privacy product on the planet. After more than a year of development and testing, you can finally access the Osano suite of applications. We're honored to launch Osano on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield.

7,000 Vendor Milestone

The Osano attorneys have been hard at work and today we are proud to share that we have now evaluated the privacy practices of more than 7,000 companies!

Beta Testing Complete

Thank you to all of the beta testers who participated in the closed beta. The beta has now concluded as we prepare for launch.