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SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that let users compose and send unlimited customized emails. SendFox combines automation and customization to help create emails in less time. Users can automatically draft emails with SendFox’s integrated weekly Smart Campaigns and RSS content updates so that fans will get content directly in their inbox. This feature is presented as ideal for podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers who regularly release new content.

Osano connects to SendFox APIs via a one-click integration. Osano then discovers and automatically classifies the personal data that is stored in SendFox. Once discovery and classification have completed, you can quickly search against SendFox and all other connected data stores in response to subject rights requests.

What's New at Osano

Introducing DSAR email intake

Capture data subject rights requests with the convenience of email and the efficiency of a dedicated intake form.

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New reworked DSAR and discovery

We've reworked and redesigned Osano Subject Rights Management and Data Discovery, unifying them into a single, seamless experience and creating automation to save you time.

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Stay GDPR compliant under new French ruling

Privacy regulators at the CNIL in France recently declared that Google Analytics violates GDPR. Osano’s new block list feature can disable Google Analytics in France to keep you compliant while allowing you to use Google Analytics in regions where it is still legal.


New in May 2022: DSAR conditional fields, 28 new integrations, and more!

Customize DSAR forms with conditional fields, serve consent banners in additional languages, use 28 new integrations for Data Discovery, and more! Check out our latest product announcement blog for demos, links, and more information.


New in April 2022: Admin notes, IAB TCF updates, and more!

Collaborate on DSARs with internal notes for request submissions. IAB TCF 2.0 Consent Management support has been updated per the latest IAB specifications. 11 new Data Discovery integrations and more! Check out our latest product announcement blog for demos, links, and more information.


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Osano product & engineering teams have been hard at work. View the full list of all product updates.

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