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Comply with privacy laws in 50+ countries with one line of code with Osano Consent Management Platform (CMP).

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Four reasons to choose Osano


Consent management made easy

Get cookie consent running on your website in minutes with just one line of code. 


Automated data discovery

With Osano's AI-powered data discovery, now you can quickly find user data, whether it lives in a SaaS vendor or an on-premise data store.


Always be in the know

New privacy laws are introduced weekly, vendors go out of business from lawsuits every day, and companies change their privacy practices without notice. Osano monitors and alerts you to what you need to know exactly when you need to know it.


Handle DSARs faster

Osano lets you verify a data subject's identity, assign inbound requests to the appropriate owner, delegate data source retrieval, and deliver the results to the data subjects in the time as required by law.


Our No Fines, No Penalties Pledge

If you're using our platform and receive a penalty or fine under a Privacy Regulation issued by a Data Protection Authority that is the result of our Platform, we will pay the fine or penalty, up to $200,000 US. Learn more!

"Great tool with a better team. The functionality of the tool and knowledge of the space by the team is absolutely wonderful. We were able to set up everything after a few short calls and anytime we had any issues the team was extremely responsive."

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