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      Streamline the DSAR workflow

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      Data Mapping

      Automate and visualize data store discovery and classification

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      Ensure your customers’ data is in good hands

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      Manage consent without the complexity

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      Never miss a DSAR deadline again

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      Vendor Risk Management

      Regain insight and control over your customers’ data

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      Build and grow an end-to-end privacy program

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    CPRA Compliance Checklist: 7 Key Steps

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Increase Trust. Stay Compliant. Do the Right Thing.

Compliance doesn’t have to be complex. The Osano data privacy management platform supports, streamlines, and automates compliance in your organization—without the stress.

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Join thousands of companies winning consumer trust with Osano

One Platform for Your Privacy Program

Osano simplifies privacy compliance by helping organizations build, manage, and scale their privacy program to increase trust, stay compliant, and do the right thing.  

Solve for consent management, data subject rights, assessments, and vendor risk—all in one place. Osano empowers you and your customers through transparency into and control over the personal data you process.  

Compliant in 50+ Countries

Including GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, and more.

Supported by Our Pledge

Backed by the industry’s only “No Fines. No Penalties.” pledge.


Meet Your Compliance Challenges

Our customers use Osano to support the full range of data privacy compliance activities. 

 With Osano backing thousands of brands on the web, we’re proud to enable trust and protect privacy for businesses and consumers alike. 


Osano Users

1 billion+

Consents served per month

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Using Osano Is Easy 

Osano balances robust compliance capabilities with maximum usability. Users can execute a wide range of compliance tasks quickly and simply:  

  • Copy one line of JavaScript to your website header for consent management. 
  • Embed a form and/or specify an email address for secure, centralized DSAR management. 
  • Search for target vendors in our database to view and track their privacy practices. 
  • Create, update, and store privacy assessments within the app. 
  • Automatically search for and discover consumer data across data stores. 
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Solutions for Your Biggest Privacy Challenges

Use the Osano data privacy platform to streamline and simplify your most challenging data privacy tasks. With Osano’s suite of solutions, you’ll minimize risk, save resources for revenue-generating initiatives, and—most importantly—stay compliant.

Consent Management Icon-Violet

Cookie Consent

Collect, act on, manage, and record consent preferences with banners based on the visitors’ local jurisdiction and/or global privacy control signals.

Learn More
Subject Rights Icon-Yellow

Subject Rights Management

Centralize subject rights requests, manage and streamline the DSAR workflow, and automate common request types such as summaries and deletions.

Learn more
data mapping - green

Data Mapping

Discover, classify, visualize, and prioritize your organization’s stores of personal data in a fast, automated fashion. Understand and manage personal data stores without the need for manual spreadsheets and workflows or dependence on in-demand, general-purpose data analysis resources.

Learn more
Vendor Management Icon-Blue

Vendor Privacy Risk Management

Use Osano’s privacy score for more than 11,000 vendors to quickly compare and evaluate companies’ privacy practices. Reduce the risk of partner non-compliance by staying informed of vendor lawsuits, privacy policy changes, and privacy gaps.

Learn more
Expert insights

Key Resources on All Things Privacy

Discover actionable compliance tips straight from our team of legal and privacy experts through our blogs, webinars, ebooks, guides, and more.

CPRA Compliance Checklist: 7 Key Steps

CPRA Compliance Checklist: 7 Key Steps

Any business interested in serving the fifth largest economy in the world needs to become compliant with the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). But that’s easier said than done. 

Read Now
Data Privacy Metrics: Questions From Our Webinar

Data Privacy Metrics: Questions From Our Webinar

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CCPA/CPRA Data Mapping: The Why, What, and How

CCPA/CPRA Data Mapping: The Why, What, and How

How often does the word “right” show up in the text of the CCPA/CPRA? 

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Why Customers Love Osano

All Osanians work hard to ensure our customers have a delightful experience and stay compliant. Hear their reports on what it’s like to be an Osano customer.

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"The Osano team is very knowledgeable, helpful, and accessible. I know I can expect a thoughtful and prompt response to all my questions. The platform is intuitive, easy to implement, and enables us to holistically monitor privacy compliance. We really could not be happier."

Ivanna C

G2 Reviewer

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"Osano helped us get into cookie compliance in a customer-friendly and consistent manner. Looking forward to spending less time worrying about keeping up with legal changes with Osano looking out for the many coming changes in data compliance."

Aaron L

G2 Reviewer

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"Osano is simplifying our international expansion and giving our exec team peace of mind with privacy compliance. It also has allowed us to conserve developer resources with its "one line JS" model."

Ryan W

CEO, G2 Reviewer

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"The platform is highly intuitive, and the team has extensive legal knowledge of privacy regulations. Everything in the platform is set up for easy completion; you hardly need to contact the team for questions."

Lilla M

Digital Marketing Manager, G2 Reviewer

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"We like that [Osano] is an all-in-one solution and that it automatically searches our site to keep us compliant."

Glen B

Director of Compliance and Commissions, G2 Reviewer

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"It is hard to keep track of third-party cookies in an enterprise where several departments can add cookies. Osano helps take that back under control."

Martin V

Information Security Officer and Software Quality Manager, G2 Review


Osano in 90 Seconds

Watch to learn all about the basics of Osano—the intuitive data privacy platform for simplifying privacy compliance.

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Simplify Data Privacy Compliance

With Osano, building, managing, and scaling your privacy program becomes simple. Schedule a demo or try a free 30-day trial today.