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      Get an overview of the simple, all-in-one data privacy platform

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      Cookie Consent

      Manage consent for data privacy laws in 50+ countries

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      Subject Rights Management

      Streamline and automate the DSAR workflow

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      Efficiently manage assessment workflows using custom or pre-built templates

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      Unified Consent & Preference Hub

      Streamline consent, utilize non-cookie data, and enhance customer trust

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      Data Mapping

      Automate and visualize data store discovery and classification

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      Vendor Privacy Risk Management

      Ensure your customers’ data is in good hands

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    • CPRA

      Discover how Osano supports CPRA compliance

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      Learn about the CCPA and how Osano can help

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      Achieve compliance with one of the world’s most comprehensive data privacy laws

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      Manage data privacy at scale

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      Consent Management

      Manage consent without the complexity

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      DSAR Automation

      Never miss a DSAR deadline again

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      Vendor Risk Management

      Regain insight and control over your customers’ data

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      Privacy Program Management

      Build and grow an end-to-end privacy program

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      U.S. Data Privacy Laws

      A guide to data privacy in the U.S.

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The Simple, All-in-One Data Privacy Platform

Manage your complete privacy program in one place—Osano. Kickstart your privacy program, save time and effort, and reduce errors and risk by automating complex compliance tasks. Rest easy knowing Osano is supporting your compliance and securing your customers’ trust.

The Benefits of Osano

Manage Your Complete Privacy Program All in One Place

With Osano, you’ll save time and effort managing your privacy program and reduce the risk associated with manual compliance workflows.

Osano features the industry’s only “No Fines. No Penalties.” pledge. Rest easy knowing Osano is supporting your compliance and securing your customers’ trust. 

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Maximum Compliance. Minimum Effort.

Osano Cookie Consent simplifies consent management. Ensure compliance with regulations in 50+ countries, save resources, and maintain brand trust with out-of-the-box compliant banner templates backed by Osano’s global team of privacy experts and the industry’s only "No Fines. No Penalties." pledge.

Get Compliant Banner Templates

For privacy regulations in 50+ countries out of the box.

Automatically Discover

Website tags like cookies, scripts, and iframes.

Consent Management - map
Unified Consent & Preference Hub

Maximize User Choice & Minimize Risk

Compliantly collect consent and preferences across touchpoints, centralizing user choices for strategic use of first- and zero-party data. Osano's user-friendly portal builds trust by simplifying consent management and empowering users with transparent control, ensuring compliant data practices in a privacy-first landscape. 

Devices - Purple
Streamlined Compliance Management

Simplify global privacy compliance with adaptable regulatory support and seamless consent management across platforms.

Users Square - Blue
Empowered User Control

Foster trust with transparent data control, empowering users while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations worldwide.

Unified Consent - Hero - Illustration No Image

Process Requests in Less Time with More Confidence

Get a comprehensive solution to centralize and automate subject rights request processing. Save valuable time and effort, boost your compliance efforts, and fortify trust with key stakeholders like customers, employees, and partners.

DSAR Automation

Automate common request types like data summaries and deletions.

Privacy Team Icon-Green
Secure Messaging

Avoid tracking emails by communicating securely within your portal

DSAR switchback
Data Mapping

Know Your Data, Inside and Out 

If you’ve ever had to depend on manual spreadsheets or the limited capacity of your organization’s data analysts, you know that mapping your organization’s personal data stores is a time-consuming, reactive task.  

Osano Data Mapping provides a privacy-focused data mapping solution that dramatically accelerates the mapping process and reduces errors through automation. 

data mapping - Violet
Discover Data Stores Via Your SSO

Integrate with common SSO providers to discover all connected systems that process personal data. When systems exist outside of your SSO, Osano makes it easy to streamline the discovery workflow.

Assessments Icon-Green
Visualize and Prioritize Data Stores

Osano provides you with an intuitive, navigable, visual map of your data stores. By analyzing data store characteristics, Osano also helps you identify data stores by risk and effort for prioritization.

Data Mapping - with backdrop

Streamline Your Privacy Assessment Process

By conducting regular privacy assessments, you’ll reduce your risk, protect your customers, and comply with the law. With Osano Assessments, you’ll be able to access templated assessments based on industry best practices, store assessments in one secure location, and review assessment outcomes over time. 

Assessment Templates

Built on industry standards like ISO and NIST.

DPIAs and Beyond

Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs), Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs), vendor assessments, and more.


Go From Insight to Action

Make sure your vendors can be trusted with your customers’ data. Enhance your vendor management program with privacy-specific data and capabilities. Quickly identify high-risk vendors and monitor their privacy posture over time. Osano Vendor Privacy Risk Management takes you from insight to action so you can accelerate procurement, maintain up-to-date compliance, and mitigate vendor risk. 

Assess Vendor Risk

Using the Osano Vendor Privacy Score.

Receive Notifications

For vendor lawsuits and privacy policy updates.

Vendor - score

Support Your Privacy Program

The Osano Privacy Platform includes a range of features designed to address the full spectrum of a privacy program’s needs.

GDPR Rep Icon-Violet

GDPR Representative

Use Osano’s GDPR Representative to meet EU and UK requirements.

Learn More
Privacy Template Icon-Yellow

Privacy Templates

Stay compliant with common legal templates, like data processing addenda, privacy policies, and California Do Not Sell/Share statements.

Learn More
Regulatory Guidance Icon-Green

Regulatory Guidance

Stay up to date with the latest regulatory changes around the globe through in-app summaries and guidance.

Learn More
Privacy Team Icon-Blue

Privacy Team

Answer your privacy questions by consulting our Privacy Team.

Learn More

Simplify Data Privacy Compliance

With Osano, building, managing, and scaling your privacy program becomes simple. Schedule a demo or try a free 30-day trial today.