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Subject Rights Management

Process Requests in Less Time with More Confidence

Get a comprehensive solution to centralize and automate subject rights request processing. Save valuable time and effort, boost your compliance efforts, and fortify trust with key stakeholders like customers, employees, and partners.

JOIN 1000+ Companies using Osano

Win Trust with Fast, Accurate Subject Rights Fulfillment

Fulfilling DSARs accurately and within legally mandated timelines isn’t easy—especially if your organization holds a large amount of consumer data. Osano Subject Rights Management helps you streamline and automate the DSAR workflow, saving time and resources, winning consumer trust, and building the foundation for scalable compliance.

Save Time and Resources

Your organization’s key personnel shouldn’t be bogged down searching through countless stores of consumer personal information just to fulfill one individual’s DSAR. Consider the amount of effort it takes to manage just a single DSAR via spreadsheet, email, and manual search; then multiply that effort by the hundreds or thousands of DSARs you might receive in a year.


Osano Subject Rights Management allows businesses to automatically coordinate DSARs across stakeholders, departments, and data stores with automated data discovery and workflow management. Let your strategic personnel focus on their core work and relax knowing that DSARs are being fulfilled accurately and on time.


Automate tedious DSAR tasks, like summaries and deletions.


Assign DSAR tasks and view outstanding tasks.


Verify identities, ingest requests, and communicate in one central portal.


Win Consumer Trust

Consumers are tired of businesses that use and abuse their data without their knowledge or say-so; in turn, the businesses that demonstrate transparency and respect for data privacy rights win their trust and loyalty.


Data privacy compliance provides many ways for businesses to show their commitment to their customers’ rights. But quickly and transparently fulfilling subject rights requests is the number one way businesses win consumer trust. Osano Subject Rights Management gives you the tools needed to show you’re worthy of consumer trust.


Accept requests via an embeddable form and/or designate an email address.


Search for individuals’ relevant data across data stores with automated data discovery.


Communicate and deliver results to data subjects in a secure messaging portal.

DSAR - slidebox - image - consumer trust

Achieve Compliant Growth

As your organization grows, so will the amount of personal information you process and the number of DSARs you need to fulfill. Being ready for this challenge in advance is crucial. Consumer trust and loyalty is part of what enables your success. Once you become successful, protecting that trust and loyalty will preserve your competitive edge.


View a central dashboard of new, ongoing, and completed DSARs.


Minimize the number of different tools and interfaces needed to fulfill DSARs.


Receive alerts for upcoming deadlines, ensuring no DSAR falls through the cracks.


Get Everything You Need in One Place

Osano Subject Rights provides everything you need to receive, track, and process subject rights requests in a single, secure location. Minimize context switching and the need for external tools, improving organization and efficiency. With accurate and complete request processing, you can ensure compliance with privacy regulations. 

DSAR - form

Reduce Risk With Smart Automation

Osano's smart automation capabilities streamline your request process. Out-of-the-box request forms are preconfigured to get you up and running with minimal configuration. Automated data summary, deletion, and packaging save you significant time and effort while reducing the risk of manual errors and ensuring compliance.

Subject Rights - Smart Automation

Build Trust with Consumer-Friendly Approach

Beyond efficiency, Osano prioritizes a consumer-friendly approach so you can build trust with your customers, employees, and partners. The secure messaging portal enables real-time communication with requesters and consolidates all correspondence in a single location. Pre-built email templates and data packaged in a human-readable format keep requesters informed at each step of the process, enhancing transparency and improving your brand reputation.

Subject Rights - Consumer-Friendly

Automate Data Discovery

Osano Subject Rights Management includes built-in data discovery. Osano automatically searches through connected data stores for individuals’ personal information. Select from Osano’s large and growing list of no-code integrations. Osano can then automatically summarize or delete the data based on the type of request that was made.

Data Discovery
Expert insights

Key Resources on All Things Privacy

Discover actionable compliance tips straight from our team of legal and privacy experts through our blogs, webinars, eBooks, guides, and more.

US Data Privacy Checklist hero

2024 U.S. Data Privacy Checklist

Download our checklist to learn what your first steps should be, regardless of which law applies to your organization.

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Privacy maturity model - Resource card

Privacy Program Maturity Model

A points-based method of evaluating your privacy program’s operational efficiency and identifying exactly what your next steps should be.

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Customer story - Lattice

Building Compliance into Marketing Operations Puts Privacy First

Lattice uses Osano to eliminate operational complexity, align marketing and compliance teams, and fulfill its promise of being a privacy-first organization.

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Simplify data privacy compliance

With Osano, building, managing, and scaling your privacy program becomes simple. Schedule a demo or try a free 30-day trial today.