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      Streamline consent, utilize non-cookie data, and enhance customer trust

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    Privacy Risk Quantification: How and When to Do It Effectively

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About Osano

Get to Know Osano

Meet the company dedicated to simplifying privacy compliance so companies can stay compliant, increase trust, and do the right thing.

Our Story

Doing Well by Doing Good

Why We’re Here

Osano was founded in October of 2018 by CEO Arlo Gilbert and CTO Scott Hertel. Earlier that year, they watched in disbelief as members of the U.S. Congress questioned technology leaders about online data privacy. It was clear then, just as it's clear now, that even the best and brightest officials lacked essential knowledge about how data is stored and shared—and if they were confused, then businesses must be as well. 


Arlo and Scott quickly learned they were right. When it comes to data privacy, doing the right thing can be complicated. Increasingly complex new and updated laws are being implemented across geographies. Organizations don’t always have the resources or the staff to make sure they’re compliant once a new law goes into effect. And when they do reach compliance, the threat of wide-scale data breaches and lack of insight into their vendors can shatter consumer and employee trust. They feel like the odds are against them. 
That’s where Osano comes in. Osano makes it easy to do the right thing by minimizing the risk and complexity of privacy compliance with solutions that meet everyone’s needs. We believe data privacy is a fundamental human right, and the companies that embrace privacy will become the next wave of trusted brands. 


What We Do

Osano is an all-in-one data privacy platform that helps organizations build, manage, and scale their privacy programs. The platform provides an easy-to-use solution for consent, data subject rights, assessments, vendor risk management, and more, helping organizations stay compliant and increase trust with their customers and partners. Whether you’re just getting started with data privacy or looking to automate your existing privacy program, Osano meets you where you are on your privacy journey. 


Each of the platform’s features is tailored to the data privacy laws that impact your consumers and team members. These features can work together in tandem or separately as your needs allow. Our platform helps you:  

  • Simplify privacy program management: Osano gets you up and running quickly so you can steer clear of hard-to-implement tooling that keeps you out of compliance longer. 
  • Automate complex compliance work: Avoid the errors and risks that come with manual processes. Features such as consent management automation and subject rights automation give you time to focus on your most critical priorities. 
  • Gain confidence in your compliance: Osano provides the industry’s only “No Fines. No Penalties.” pledge and Osano’s global team of privacy experts continuously monitors the privacy landscape, keeping you and the platform up to date. 

How We Work

As the first data privacy platform that is also a B Corporation, we are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. This status, along with our status as a Public Benefit Corporation, points toward our core values:  

  • Bold Action: Keeping companies compliant with the latest data privacy laws requires the ability to move quickly without holding back. We strive to go against the grain while ensuring data privacy is accessible to all. 
  • Authenticity & Inclusion: Data privacy laws impact everyone, not only a select few. We understand the importance of having diverse skills, backgrounds, and mindsets on our team to create an inclusive product that is authentic to who we are, our customers, and their consumers.  
  • Operational Excellence: Efficiency is key to creating solutions that minimize risk and complexity, especially when it comes to organizing your data and becoming compliant with new privacy laws. To stay on top of our ever-changing industry, we must be dependable, organized, and collaborative. 
  • Delightful Experience: Trust is a core tenet of data privacy. To establish trust with our team members, customers, and their customers, we must go above and beyond what's expected. We believe every touch along the customer and team journey is an opportunity to have a lasting, positive impact.

Osano by the Numbers


B-Corp data privacy platform


Osano users

1 billion+

Consents served per month


Vendors in our privacy database


Get to Know Our Leadership Team

Our experienced leaders have backgrounds and expertise spanning B2B, SaaS, and regulatory industries. Get to know each of them below.

arlo gilbert
linkedin icon gray 900

Arlo has been building successful technology startups for more than 25 years in varying industries including telecom, search, and more. Sign up for his book, "The Privacy Insider" here: https://www.osano.com/l/the-privacy-insider-waitlist

Arlo Gilbert

CEO & Founder

scott hertel
linkedin icon gray 900

Scott is an experienced developer and systems architect, having led high performing teams at Accenture, Microsoft, and Dell before being bitten by the startup bug.

Scott Hertel

CTO & Founder

skye mccullough
linkedin icon gray 900

Skye is responsible for overseeing the customer support & implementation practice at Osano. Prior to Osano she managed customer support at Flexera software for the Enterprise SaaS Manager product line.

Skye McCullough

VP of Customer Experience

dustin joost
linkedin icon gray 900

Dustin builds purpose-driven revenue organizations with a focus on sales and marketing alignment, story-based sales, and go-to-market motions that meet customers where they're at while delivering positive unit economics.

Dustin Joost

Chief Revenue Officer

brian herr
linkedin icon gray 900

Brian has been leading user and market-centric product teams at B2B security and application software startups, such as Beyond Identity, Black Duck, and Ariba, for over 20 years.

Brian Herr

Chief Product Officer

Rachael Ormiston, Head of Privacy
linkedin icon gray 900

Rachael Ormiston is the Head of Privacy at Osano. With over 15 years of professional experience, she has deep domain expertise in Global Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Crisis and Incident Response. Rachael is an IAPP FIP and has previously served on the IAPP CIPM Exam Development board. She has a personal interest in privacy risk issues associated with emerging technologies.

Rachael Ormiston

Head of Privacy

Dru Jacobs LinkedIn

Dru has been successfully leading marketing organizations at B2B SaaS startups (Matillion, ThreatX, and Rally Software) for more than twenty years.

Dru Jacobs

Chief Marketing Officer

Joe Bulger
linkedin icon gray 900

Joe has led efficient, multi-product engineering teams at businesses such as SailPoint and Lifesize.

Joe Bulger

SVP Engineering

Ryan Macia
linkedin icon gray 900

Ryan leads finance at Osano and previously has been part of several B2B SaaS businesses including TrendKite and QuotaPath.

Ryan Macia

Chief Financial Officer


Help Us Build the Future of Privacy

Come work with us! We’re constantly looking for new team members who are eager to learn and grow with us. We value candidates from all walks of life and are dedicated to building a diverse team. Interested in being part of our inclusive, mission-driven, venture-backed company? 


A Partner You Can Trust

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Austin A-List award - 2023 - white
Backed by World-Class Investors
Baird Capital
First Ascent Ventures
Jump Capital
Live Oak Venture Partners
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Our Customers Love Us

G2_Logo_White_RGB (2)

"The Osano team is very knowledgeable, helpful, and accessible. I know I can expect a thoughtful and prompt response to all my questions. The platform is intuitive, easy to implement, and enables us to holistically monitor privacy compliance. We really could not be happier."

Ivanna C

G2 Reviewer

g2 gray 600

"Osano helped us get into cookie compliance in a customer-friendly and consistent manner. Looking forward to spending less time worrying about keeping up with legal changes with Osano looking out for the many coming changes in data compliance."

Aaron L

G2 Reviewer

G2_Logo_White_RGB (2)

"Osano is simplifying our international expansion and giving our exec team peace of mind with privacy compliance. It also has allowed us to conserve developer resources with its "one line JS" model."

Ryan W

CEO, G2 Reviewer

g2 gray 600

"The platform is highly intuitive, and the team has extensive legal knowledge of privacy regulations. Everything in the platform is set up for easy completion; you hardly need to contact the team for questions."

Lilla M

Digital Marketing Manager, G2 Review

G2_Logo_White_RGB (2)

"We like that [Osano] is an all-in-one solution and that it automatically searches our site to keep us compliant."

Glen B

Director of Compliance and Commissions, G2 Review

g2 gray 600

"It is hard to keep track of third-party cookies in an enterprise where several departments can add cookies. Osano helps take that back under control."

Martin V

Information Security Officer and Software Quality Manager, G2 Review


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Osano is used by the world's most innovative and forward-thinking companies to easily manage and monitor their privacy compliance.

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Privacy Risk Quantification: How and When to Do It Effectively

Getting buy-in for privacy resources at your organization and managing your company’s risk profile may seem like two separate–and overwhelming–tasks. But in fact, they are intertwined, and one can support the other. The key is privacy risk quantification. By quantifying privacy risk, you can show how privacy risk relates to other risks in the organization. And by quantifying it in a way that’s easier for stakeholders to understand, you can better communicatethe urgency of investing in a comprehensive program and mitigatingprivacy risk.   

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Everything You Need to Know About the Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act (MCDPA)

Everything You Need to Know About the Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act (MCDPA)

As we wait for a federal privacy law in the U.S., the Land of 10,000 Lakes joins a growing number of states that now have their own laws. As expected, Minnesota’s data privacy law has similarities to other state privacy laws and also a few differences—most notably unique requirements around profiling and data inventories. 

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Will the U.S. Have a GDPR? With Rachael Ormiston of Osano

Will the U.S. Have a GDPR? With Rachael Ormiston of Osano

Episode 3: Will the U.S. Have a GDPR? With Rachael Ormiston of Osano

In this episode of The Privacy Insider Podcast, host Arlo Gilbert is joined by Rachael Ormiston, Head of Privacy at Osano, to dive into the complex world of U.S. privacy regulations. How does the U.S. view privacy differently than the rest of the world? What are the advantages of global cooperation on privacy laws? And, the big question, will the U.S. ever have a federal privacy law? Join us to hear more about how the U.S fits into the global landscape and can positively influence privacy around the world.  

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