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Product Updates

Introducing the Unified Consent & Preference Hub by Osano

posted on May 8, 2024

At Osano, we're committed to leading the way in data privacy and compliance innovations. Today, we are proud to announce the Unified Consent & Preference Hub, a sophisticated platform designed to manage user consents and communication preferences efficiently across various platforms and jurisdictions.  


Unifying Privacy Management Like Never Before 

The Unified Consent & Preference Hub simplifies consent workflows, offering a centralized system for tracking and managing user consents and preferences across inputs and platforms, thereby turning privacy compliance into a strategic advantage. 

With this launch, Osano helps teams deal with the struggle of the fragmented nature of consent data across multiple systems, providing a unified solution that simplifies compliance, reduces risks, and improves operational efficiency. Further, helping teams easily understand users' communication preferences enables targeted marketing and privacy-first growth, ensuring that businesses can engage customers more effectively while respecting their privacy preferences. 

With the Unified Consent & Preference Hub, your team can: 

  • Manage consent for data collection touchpoints beyond website cookies 
  • Allow consumers to choose when they receive content from your organization, what content they receive, and how they receive it 
  • Comply with broad regulatory obligations like California’s Do-Not-Sell/-Share requirement 

This means less hassle for you and more clarity for users. It’s a solution designed for the modern privacy era, where privacy compliance is not just a legal requirement but a cornerstone of customer trust.  

Eliminate Redundant Work, Boost Operational Agility, and Set-Up Compliance Efficiently 

What truly distinguishes the Unified Consent & Preference Hub is its innovative approach to consent management. Traditional solutions require you to manage consents for each jurisdiction separately, leading to duplicative work and complex maintenance. The Osano platform streamlines this process with privacy protocols that can be applied across multiple jurisdictions, simplifying compliance efforts as laws and regulations evolve over time.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Universal Consent 

Working faster and more strategically is something privacy professionals aspire to. But beyond privacy operations, a platform that enables Universal Consent is a giant step forward for your business and your customers. How? Let's break it down: 

  • Say Hello to Seamless Compliance: Unified Consent isn't just another tool; it's your golden ticket to transforming privacy from a checkbox chore to a standout customer experience feature. With consent capabilities in one place, compliance becomes an organic part of doing business and peace of mind becomes the new normal. 
  • Think Globally: The world is diverse and so are its privacy regulations. With Unified Consent, you're equipped to navigate this landscape with confidence, ensuring your business meets the needs of local regulations with minimal upfront effort.  
  • Banish Inefficiency: Integration headaches? Operational hiccups? Nope. No more. Unified Consent slots into your existing ecosystem, connecting with common platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, and SendGrid to streamline your operations without missing a beat. 
  • Normalize Transparency: In today's world, privacy is paramount, and transparency is king. Unified Consent puts the power back in your customers' hands, letting them know exactly how their data is being used. This isn't just good privacy practice; it's a trust-building powerhouse.  
  • Live in the Future of Data Privacy: The Unified Consent & Preference Hub offers a sustainable path forward in an online world that is moving away from third-party cookies. Businesses can ethically collect and utilize first-party and zero-party data by tracking consents for such information, unlocking deeper insights into customer preferences and behavior. This approach ensures that growth strategies remain data-informed and privacy-compliant. 

With tightening regulations and rising customer expectations, the Unified Consent & Preference Hub not only mitigates risks but also enhances customer trust and satisfaction through transparent and respectful data practices. 

Take the First Step Toward Universal Consent 

Embrace the future of privacy compliance with Osano’s Unified Consent & Preference Hub. To learn more about how our platform can streamline your consent management processes and ensure global compliance, visit our product page. Start your journey toward efficient and compliant consent management today! 

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Core Platform


Product Updates


Compliance, Customized—Create Custom Assessments With Osano

posted on April 24, 2024

Just like a master chef tailors a recipe to the tastes of their patrons, our latest feature allows you to customize your compliance efforts to suit your business needs perfectly.  

Osano is excited to unveil a significant enhancement to our compliance toolkit: Custom Assessments. This new functionality is designed to transform how businesses manage and execute their data privacy assessments, providing an unprecedented level of customization and efficiency. 

Assessments - Due DateTailored for Your Needs 

Custom Assessments allow you to craft templates that align with your organization's requirements. This capability ensures compliance with various global regulations, including the GDPR and CCPA; industry-specific requirements; as well as assessments for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). This customization goes beyond mere compliance—it enables your organization to handle data privacy with the precision and adaptability your organization needs and demands. 

Streamlined User Experience 

Assessment template options

Setting up and managing assessments is made easier with Osano. After creating your custom templates, you can assign them directly from the Assessments section. The platform allows you to name your assessment, choose the appropriate template from your customized options, and manage the entire process within the Osano workflow. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of your compliance efforts.  

Template Selection: Begin by accessing the "Templates" section within your Osano dashboard. Here, you can choose from pre-existing templates or create a new one to suit your specific needs. This initial step sets the foundation for the tailored assessments your organization requires, ensuring that each template meets your specific compliance needs. 

Customization and Evidence Collection: Customize your template by adding specific questions that align with your compliance goals. You can include a variety of response types, such as narrative answers or the option to upload evidence. This functionality is crucial for thorough documentation and verification of compliance, allowing respondents to provide both detailed explanations and tangible proof of their compliance practices. 

Custom Assessments Evidence Upload

Review and Refinement: Before deploying your assessment, take advantage of Osano's preview feature to conduct a thorough review. This allows you to ensure that questions are clear and that the template effectively gathers all necessary information, including evidence submissions. Adjust the content, structure, or order of questions as needed to ensure clarity and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Collaboration at Its Core 

Herding cats might seem easier than collaboratively managing a thorough compliance assessment, but Osano’s focus on collaboration streamlines this process beautifully. Assign assessments to internal stakeholders or invite external contributors to participate directly, ensuring that those who possess the most relevant and precise information are directly involved. This approach significantly enhances the accuracy of the data collected and thereby improves the reliability of your risk determinations. Our solution ensures that everyone is on the same page, making the assessment process as smooth as possible.  

Navigate the Future of Compliance with Confidence  

Osano's Custom Assessments represent the next step in the evolution of data privacy management—offering you an advanced level of personalization, accuracy, and ease that aligns with the dynamic nature of today's regulatory environment. With the ability to invite the most knowledgeable stakeholders to contribute, whether from within your organization or from external parties, the platform ensures your risk determinations are based on the most reliable information available. 

Discover more about how you can level-up your assessment process with Osano. 

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Core Platform


Privacy AssessmentsProduct Updates


Introducing Osano’s New Subject Rights Customization and Language Support

posted on April 10, 2024

Get ready to elevate your subject rights experience with Osano! Designed to make your life easier while ensuring global compliance with local precision, Osano’s latest enhancements to Subject Rights streamline your workflows, help you connect more personally with your audience, and improve both compliance and the end-user experience. 

Automatic translations, bulk actions, and customized branding in privacy management tools represent a trifecta of efficiency, compliance, and reputation management. They allow privacy teams to operate more efficiently, meet regulatory requirements more effectively, and demonstrate a deep commitment to respecting and protecting user privacy. 

With these exciting advancements in mind, let's delve into the specific features we've rolled out and how they're set to transform your approach to subject rights management and compliance communications. 

🚀 Elevate Efficiency with Bulk Actions 

Action Items

First off, we've given our Action Items page a complete makeover. The new and improved page now supports bulk action item assignment and completion. What does this mean for you? Efficiency at its best! Now, you can manage multiple action items with just a few clicks, saving you time and reducing manual effort. In Q1, Osano released the ability to handle action item assignments, complete requests with no results found, and bulk-reject or complete requests.   

🌍 Chatting in Every Language: Your “Tower of Babel” Moment

Language localization

In our quest to make your interactions as smooth and personal as possible, we've introduced several updates to ensure your requester-facing communications resonate with your audience, no matter their language. Here’s what’s new: 

  • Email and Secure Messaging Portal Translations: We’ve made it possible for requester-facing emails and the default content within the secure messaging portal to be automatically translated into the requester's language preference. Plus, you can now preview these translations on the Localization tab of the DSAR form. 
  • Customizable Email and Webpage Content: With additional templates on the Templates tab, you have more freedom than ever to tailor the content of requester-facing emails and intake webpages. Whether a requester submits a request via email intake or is navigating the request process, your messages will always hit the right note. 
  • Forms That Speak Fluent "You": To top it all off, forms are now automatically translated into the preferred language of the subject rights requester. This feature ensures that everyone, regardless of their language, can easily navigate and complete forms, making the request process as inclusive as it gets.  

In addition, Osano’s newly launched localization map within the Subject Rights module will let you preview the resulting emails and forms for a typical requestor from a given location. 

DSAR Form Localization

📝 Templates Galore: Your Style, Your Way  

Completion Template

We understand the importance of communication that not only informs but also reflects your unique brand voice. That's why we’ve expanded our Templates tab across the board. Whether it’s customizing emails for when a request is submitted, in progress, or even rejected, you have the creative freedom to ensure every touchpoint is perfectly aligned with your messaging. 

Why You’ll Love These Updates 

When you're handling global compliance with the precision of a local café's latte art, you're not just ticking boxes; you're building bridges. 

Embracing our latest updates transforms how you manage your privacy program, blending operational efficiency with an unwavering commitment to compliance. These enhancements ensure that your communications resonate across diverse audiences, breaking down language barriers and simplifying complex legal information into clear, accessible interactions. This shift not only streamlines your processes but also significantly bolsters your compliance posture across key regulations like the GDPR and CCPA.  

Streamlining the management of subject rights requests with automated translation and bulk action tools markedly boosts the privacy team's efficiency. This modern approach removes the need for time-consuming manual data entry and individual document handling, enabling a faster and more uniform response to requests. It catalyzes the team's ability to act promptly, reduces the likelihood of errors, and conserves valuable resources.  

Moreover, integrating your brand's unique identity into every communication not only ensures consistency across your privacy messaging but also builds trust with your users. 

Blending efficiency with a personal touch isn't just nice—it's essential. These updates are about more than just meeting the minimum requirements; they're about elevating your privacy practices to a level that places user respect and data protection at the core of your operations. This enhances your reputation and solidifies your position as a privacy-conscious organization in the eyes of users and regulators alike, while reducing the workload and potential risks introduced through manual efforts at maintaining a subject rights program. 

Product(s) Affected

Core Platform


Product UpdatesSubject Rights Management


Meet the Osano Data Privacy Management Platform

posted on April 3, 2024

Modern businesses and privacy programs can no longer manage privacy risk with point solutions. The problems are too numerous, the cost is too high, and the effort involved in orchestrating all of these different solutions is prohibitive. 

That’s why we're pleased to introduce the Osano Data Privacy Management Platform. 

This purpose-built privacy management platform empowers privacy professionals to navigate the complexities of global compliance, risk management, and privacy operations excellence. Crucially, the Osano Platform does so in a holistic manner that cuts down context switching, cost, and effort. Whether working on a single use case or building a whole program, Osano grows with an organization as its privacy programs mature.   

Here, you’ll learn why a platform approach to privacy is essential, how the Osano Platform addresses privacy challenges, and the features and capabilities you’ll benefit from as you navigate the modern privacy landscape. 

What Makes Privacy Risk a Hydra 

The more you look into data privacy compliance, the more you realize that it’s a multi-headed beast; solve one problem, and three more take its place. 

  • Regulatory and operational complexity is overwhelming: Keeping up with privacy laws across jurisdictions is overwhelming for privacy professionals, let alone other business stakeholders. When they do understand requirements, operationalizing them is even more complex. Few organizations have their data mapped, and therefore, few organizations understand the location, purpose, and flow of data subject to privacy regulations. 
  • Consumer trust is elusive: Even if you’re achieving compliance, it won’t matter much to consumers if they can’t sense your respect for their privacy. Nowadays, mistrust is the default. Winning consumer trust in this environment can be a huge edge—but it’s difficult to provide the consistent, transparent, and respectful experience that wins trust. 
  • Existing tools lack scalability: It can be tempting to solve each new privacy challenge with a new tool or process. This approach, however, leads to a tangled nest of incomplete integrations, incompatible solutions, redundant workflows, and exhausting context switching. Ultimately, this means greater cost and slower operations while still suffering from high risk. 
  • Risks abound: Data privacy risk isn’t just a matter of regulatory penalties. Organizations struggle to mitigate and manage risk associated with data breaches, where excess personal data collection makes your organization a more attractive target; M&A, where perceived risk could impact or outright stall an important deal; cyber insurance, where additional risk drives up premiums; and many other domains. 
  • Resources are finite: Last but not least, businesses are struggling to manage all of these data privacy compliance challenges without breaking the bank. Businesses need an efficient solution to data privacy management—and working with a small galaxy of point solutions, spreadsheets, and manual processes is anything but efficient. 

How the Osano Platform Helps 

The Osano Data Privacy Management Platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that simplifies compliance, provides actionable clarity, and empowers privacy teams. The Osano Platform equips teams with the resources necessary to deeply comprehend their data and business operations, making Osano an essential element for timely, risk-aware, and operationally efficient decision-making. 

Equipped with the Osano Platform, you’ll gain capabilities related to consent management, data mapping, rights administration, comprehensive assessments, and vendor risk evaluation. Together, these solutions provide a holistic view of data movement within your organization across the data privacy lifecycle.   

Ultimately, this convergence of products solves the challenges faced by businesses and privacy teams struggling to achieve compliance: 

  • Gain confidence and clarity in compliance management knowing that your teams can easily manage and update features like consent banners, subject rights request workflows, privacy assessments, and more for privacy regulations across the globe. 
  • Earn user trust through centralized privacy policy publication tools, easy-to-use and understand subject rights portals, intuitive consent and preference management portals, and vendor management solutions that ensure you only work with organizations that can be trusted with your customers’ data.  
  • Rest easy knowing that Osano scales with your organization, both as it expands territorially and as its data processing practices evolve. Automated capabilities help you keep your data map up to date as you add new systems, discover data to answer subject rights requests, deliver assessments, localize cookie consent banners and subject rights forms, and more. 
  • Not only can you mitigate risk with Osano, but you can prove it too. Using Osano helps you demonstrate compliance with data privacy regulations; prove valid consents and changes to consents and preferences; identify what personal information is collected, where it flows, and assess why it’s processed; and ensure that vendors take care to ensure valid consent and deletion of data. 

Crucially, all of these capabilities function seamlessly together. Osano provides operational efficiency because its modules were designed to integrate with one another. The Osano Platform helps you do more with less by reducing duplicative work and integrating solutions together. 

The Six Core Modules of the Osano Platform 

Whether working on a single use case or building a whole program, the Osano Platform grows with an organization as its privacy program matures, ensuring the success of every aspect of data privacy management. The Osano Platform features six modules designed to coordinate and address the major needs of a privacy program: 

  • Cookie Consent: Achieve compliance without the legwork by automating consent management for data privacy laws in 50+ countries.  
  • Unified Consent and Preference Hub: Simplify compliance, enhance privacy, and build trust with an intuitive, centralized system for managing consents and preferences across touchpoints.  
  • Data Mapping: Know your data, inside and out, through automated visualization and classification of data stores, ensuring alignment with your privacy risk strategy. 
  • Subject Rights Management: Process requests in less time with more confidence by automating subject rights workflows and data discovery  
  • Assessments: Simplify and centralize assessments with built-in and custom templates for privacy evaluations.  
  • Vendor Privacy Risk Management: Transition from insight to action by proactively identifying, tracking, and managing privacy risks.  

The Simple, All-in-One Data Privacy Platform 

The Osano Platform offers you a seamless, unified means of managing data privacy compliance that avoids the all too common “frankenstack” experience. Purpose-built for data privacy, it empowers privacy professionals to attend to their responsibilities without endless context switching or bottlenecking, and it helps align privacy with other stakeholders in the organization. 

Schedule a demo of the platform to find out what it feels like to manage your organization’s privacy needs in a holistic, scalable, efficient manner. 

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Product Updates


Welcome to Osano's Developer-Centric solutions: New APIs and iOS SDK

posted on December 6, 2023

Osano is thrilled to unveil a new suite of features designed with developers in mind. We're not just focusing on ticking compliance boxes but on creating seamless, integrated, and user-friendly experiences in the ever-evolving digital landscape.  

Empowering iOS Development: A Seamless Privacy Experience 

Privacy has become a fundamental user expectation in today's digital world, particularly on mobile platforms like iOS. To address this, Osano has developed a software development kit (SDK) for iOS designed with an emphasis on simplicity and developer-friendliness that makes it straightforward for companies and app developers to adopt and integrate.  

Osano's iOS SDK is specifically designed to help apps comply with data privacy regulations beyond iOS requirements. It ensures that privacy compliance is not just an add-on, but an integral part of the app experience.   

By integrating Osano's SDK into iOS apps, users can enjoy a seamless experience without disruptive transitions to external websites or documents. It encourages users to stay longer and engage more meaningfully within the app. In addition to supporting compliance, this toolkit enhances user trust and engagement through transparent and respectful data practices. 

Consent Ledger API: The Power of Universal Consent 

In the realm of data privacy, consent management is not just a regulatory requirement; it's the cornerstone of customer trust and ethical data practices. This is where our Universal Consent API steps in, reshaping how consent is collected, recorded, and managed. 

Imagine you're a developer tasked with integrating a consent management system across multiple touchpoints in a complex digital ecosystem. The challenge? Each touchpoint requires a unique consent experience tailored to its context and user interaction. Often, these systems don’t speak to one another, which makes tracking consents across data sources a complex, manual process. 

Osano's Universal Consent Ledger API enables you to create custom consent experiences that align with your brand and user interface, ensuring a smooth user journey across all platforms. By centralizing the consent audit trail, our platform helps privacy teams maintain a single source of truth for all user consents across the organization, aiding in regulatory compliance and risk management while improving customer trust. 

Get all this with a bespoke, easy-to-use, and easy-to-implement API. 

Subject Rights and Data Mapping APIs: Automation & Integration 

Our Subject Rights and Data Mapping APIs offer developers powerful solutions to help their organizations meet compliance obligations and achieve privacy excellence. By leveraging these APIs, developers can efficiently handle subject rights requests and manage data mapping processes with ease. With the ability to create new requests and update detailed information about data stores, developers can incorporate compliance into their operations and achieve privacy excellence.  

Osano's APIs provide a wide range of use cases for businesses. Here are some of the most important ones:  

  1. Integrating Diverse Data Sources: Osano's APIs allow for seamless integration with data sources outside of its automatic integrations, offering flexibility and control over your data management processes.  

  2. Automating and Communicating Actions: These APIs enable you to automate and communicate actions with ease, such as deleting user data or updating data store information. By doing so, they ensure prompt and accurate compliance actions.  

  3. Enhancing Internal Workflows: With these APIs, systems like Jira can be integrated into the privacy management process, enabling alerts and notifications for internal teams. This streamlines the response to user requests.  

  4. Creating and Managing Data Stores: These APIs offer the necessary tools to create and manage data stores, whether you want to create manual data stores or convert them to automated ones. This ensures that your data privacy management is as dynamic as your business.  

  5. In short, Osano's APIs provide businesses with a comprehensive and flexible solution for data privacy management, making compliance management seamless and efficient, allowing developers to focus on delivering innovative solutions and driving business success. 

Why Osano Stands Out for Developers 

  • Developer-Centric Approach: We get the developer mindset and have tailored our tools for smooth integration into your workflows. 
  • Intuitive Use: Powerful yet user-friendly, our APIs make implementation and management a breeze. 
  • Assured Compliance: With Osano, you stay ahead in the compliance game, keeping your business aligned with data privacy laws. 
  • Building Trust: Prioritizing user consent and data rights enhances customer trust—a priceless asset in the digital age. 
  • Continual Evolution: We're committed to growing with the dynamic landscape of data privacy, ensuring our tools always match your evolving needs. 

Looking Ahead: A Partnership for the Future 

In this digital era, where data privacy is of utmost importance, Osano stands as a steadfast partner. Our tools, crafted specifically for developers, enable companies to not only cultivate an environment of respect and transparency around data privacy, but also to create and sustain a compliance system that is straightforward and manageable. 

Explore the full potential of our new features at Osano Developers, or take some time to speak with our team about how Osano can join you in creating a more private, secure, and trustworthy digital experience. 

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Platform Features


Introducing Data Mapping

posted on July 20, 2023

“What PI does my organization process, and where is it stored?”

“How do I reduce data sprawl and support data minimization?” 

“How can I find the data I need to complete a data subject access request (DSAR) or record of processing activities (RoPA)?” 

Achieving data privacy compliance requires answering dozens of hard questions like these. While each can be answered in a one-off, manual fashion, privacy professionals will be significantly more effective if they have a foundational, automated resource they can consult each time they need to answer compliance questions like these. 

That resource is a data map.  

Data maps serve as an inventory of the personal information (PI) an organization collects and uses along with any and all information needed to manage that PI. Now, Osano customers can generate their own organizational data map with our new product: Osano Data Mapping. 

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place 

Privacy professionals understand that knowing where, how, and why their organization processes PI is essential to compliance. In some organizations, they create their data map using non-visual, manual spreadsheets and tables—managing this forest of spreadsheets, however, can be the equivalent of a full-time job. 

Other privacy professionals are luckier; their organization has dedicated data analysts they can turn to. But often, these experts are in high demand and can’t afford to give data privacy compliance priority over their many other initiatives. Even when they can, they don’t always have the same expertise and privacy consciousness that a data privacy professional does. 

A Dedicated, Privacy-Focused Data Mapping Solution 

Osano Data Mapping saves privacy professionals from both excess manual labor and dependence on in-demand, general-purpose data engineers. As a data mapping solution designed by privacy professionals for privacy professionals, Osano Data Mapping enables you to quickly construct a data map that provides insight and audibility and sets the stage for downstream compliance activities. 

Automated Discovery and Classification 

Osano Data Mapping enables you to automatically discover and classify systems containing PI across your organization’s systems by integrating once to your Single Sign-On (SSO) provider. Osano can discover any system and application connected to your SSO, and our library of pre-built integrations allows Osano to discover and classify personal data within those applications and systems. Furthermore, it’s straightforward to integrate proprietary or niche systems with Osano’s RESTful API, so you can obtain the same level of automation. This data can then be easily surfaced for use in DSARs, RoPAs, or other compliance deliverables. 


Risk- and Effort-Based Prioritization 

To create your initial data map and keep up with additions and changes, it can be difficult to prioritize your work. Osano Data Mapping enables you to focus your resources on data stores with the most or riskiest data, access, or use and allows you to flag systems that do not contain PI so you can eliminate wasted effort. Osano Data Mapping analyzes and scores systems based on a variety of criteria, such as their likelihood of storing PI, the vendors they export data to, and other factors. 


Data Visualization 

A graphical, interactive map allows you to visualize the relationships between data stores, as well as to drill down for greater detail or to zoom out to see the big picture. This enables you to visually identify risk and incomplete data store definitions, understand how data flows through your systems, and gain insight into your overall PI landscape. 

How to Get Started With Osano Data Mapping 

To gain access to Osano Data Mapping, just schedule a meeting with us by filling out this form. An Osano expert will reach out to book a meeting, discuss your needs, and how Osano Data Mapping can help your organization.

Product(s) Affected

Core Platform


Data Mapping


Introducing Vendor Discovery

posted on June 21, 2023

Before you can manage vendor risk, you first need to identify who your vendors are. But identifying vendors can present some unique challenges for privacy professionals. The people who know the most about an organization’s vendors tend to sit in IT or finance, but the privacy function most often reports into legal, compliance, or risk. This means privacy professionals must gather information manually by meeting with IT, finance, and line-of-business leaders to uncover who all the vendors are in an organization before the work of managing vendor risk can begin.  

This manual process is time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies and slow reactions to emerging risks. To eliminate this hassle and get you up and going faster, Osano is introducing Automated Vendor Discovery. 

The Value of Automation in Vendor Discovery 

The Osano Privacy Platform now offers several unique ways to automate the vendor discovery process. By using multiple modules in the platform together, you can gain an efficient method for automatically discovering vendors and adding them to your vendor inventory.

Once Osano Cookie Consent is installed on your website, it automatically scans your site to identify website tags like cookies, scripts, and iframes. Now, any vendors associated with these website tags are automatically added to your vendor inventory without any additional effort.

Similarly, Osano Subject Rights Management adds another layer of vendor discovery automation. As automated data stores are added to the system, any associated vendors are added to your vendor inventory, as well. This integrated approach ensures a unified vendor workflow across the platform, enhancing the efficiency of vendor discovery and management.

Assessing Vendor Risk Accurately 

Once you have an inventory of your vendors, you can use Osano Vendor Privacy Risk Management to identify high-risk vendors and monitor vendor privacy posture over time.

Osano assesses vendors against high standards using a model with 163 privacy criteria and produces objective numeric scores so you can spot potential risks at a glance. With a dataset of over 11,000 vendors and growing, you can be confident Osano has got you covered.

Accelerate new vendor selection by rejecting low-score vendors outright and save time by conducting lightweight evaluations on high-scoring vendors without the need for a full, in-depth assessment. 

Then, you can monitor vendor privacy posture over time. Osano’s team of global privacy experts keeps a vigilant watch over vendor privacy practices and continually updates the vendor score dataset to reflect the latest regulations and vendor practices. Osano tracks changes in vendor risk scores, policy updates, and legal activity and notifies you to stay ahead of potential threats.

Streamlining Vendor Privacy Risk Management 

Osano Vendor Discovery is designed to simplify Vendor Privacy Risk Management. It removes the necessity for manual uploads and unnecessary coordination, enabling privacy professionals to focus on critical tasks. Now, managing risk and protecting privacy becomes a more efficient process.

Get started now by visiting the docs to learn more.  

Product(s) Affected

Core Platform


Vendor Privacy Risk


Introducing TrustHub: The Osano Privacy Documentation Center

posted on June 12, 2023

In today's digital age, privacy has become a top priority for companies. Businesses struggle to keep up with new and changing regulations and compliance requirements for disclosures. Moreover, today’s consumer demands transparency. They are loyal to brands they trust and abandon those they do not. This is where TrustHub comes in. 

TrustHub helps privacy leads, legal professionals, compliance teams, marketers, and others create, organize, and manage their most important privacy documentation in one place. With TrustHub, these individuals can take control of documents like their:  

  • Privacy policy 
  • Cookie policy 
  • Cookie disclosures 
  • GDPR representative disclosure 
  • And more  

In addition to the above, individuals can quickly make required updates without having to wait on website gatekeepers while still meeting the branding and style guidelines set by marketing. 

TrustHub is the latest addition to the Osano Data Privacy Platform, which allows businesses to manage other parts of their compliance program such as consent, subject rights, and vendor privacy risk. With Osano, companies can incorporate their privacy policies, procedures, and controls all in one central platform. 

Features of TrustHub 

Ability to Create and Publish a New Osano-hosted Privacy Website 

With TrustHub, companies can create and publish a new Osano-hosted website that your privacy experts can manage, and your marketing team can customize. Users can add their logo and browser favicon assets as well as provide CSS styles to match your existing site branding. Your TrustHub can have as many or as few pages as you require to satisfy your compliance requirements and includes a built-in navigation menu to allow your users to see all your privacy-related documents in an intuitive experience. 

Edit Content Easily in Rich Text Format 

TrustHub makes it easy for businesses to edit their content in a simple, rich text format, built on the Markdown code language. This means that your content will be easy to create, and the design can be flexibly styled by basic CSS options that your site is already using. If you already have a privacy policy on your existing website, transferring the content to TrustHub is as simple as copying and pasting.  

Integrate GDPR Representative Information with One Click 

If you rely on Osano as your GDPR representative in the EU (European Union), TrustHub allows you to integrate your GDPR representative information into your documents with just one click. This helps avoid costly typos while maintaining GDPR requirements without having to spend extra time and resources. 

Embed Detailed CMP (Consent Management Platform) Cookie Disclosures 

For customers of our Cookie Consent product, you can embed detailed CMP cookie disclosures on a specifically designed, auto-generated page in seconds. Your cookie disclosures will match the data that is shown in your Cookie Consent Preference Drawer, ensuring your disclosures are consistent across your site with minimal maintenance effort. 

Multiple Embed Options to Support Your Needs 

You may want to link directly to your new TrustHub site or embed a single TrustHub page within your existing site. TrustHub provides both options and includes easy-to-embed code snippets to help your TrustHub content fit your site without additional headaches. Once your site or page is embedded, all future updates to the page just require publication in Osano—no need to update your code snippets or do a full website deploy. 


TrustHub is a game changer for privacy experts who are struggling to maintain their privacy documentation and ensure the content on their company’s marketing site(s) is always accurate and up to date. With TrustHub, businesses can organize and document their most important privacy documentation in the same place where they manage the rest of their privacy program. This makes it easier for companies to keep privacy centralized and integrate the work done in other Osano products into their most visible privacy documentation. 

If you are interested in learning more about TrustHub, review our getting started guide or schedule a demo with us today. 

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