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Privacy Program Management Software

Make your Privacy Program Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

When run well, your privacy program enables the business through safe and fast vendor onboarding, compliant operations, regular impact assessments, and more.

But if you have to manually carry out data privacy compliance’s most time-consuming tasks—such as data subject access request (DSAR) fulfillment or cookie consent management—your privacy program could be seen as a blocker. The difference between being an enabler and a blocker is effective privacy program management software—like Osano.

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JOIN 1000+ Companies using Osano

How Osano Supports Your Privacy Program

Privacy programs and the professionals who operate them face a lot of challenges. From a constantly evolving regulatory landscape to resourcing concerns, the difficulty of collaborating across the organization, and more, privacy professionals are fighting a battle with multiple fronts. Osano takes care of the tedious and time-consuming aspects of privacy program management so you can turn your full attention to the pressing tasks that only you can solve. Here’s how.

Reduce Risk and Regain Time

When you use Osano to support your data privacy program, you’ll spend a lot less time putting out fires and responding to emergencies and a lot more time tailoring your privacy program to fit your organization’s unique needs.


Features like subject rights management cut down on time-consuming, error-prone tasks; consent management gets you closer to compliance with the world’s data privacy laws, and our regulatory guidance and expert consultations help answer any pressing data privacy questions that can’t wait.


Deliver Customer Outcomes

One reason for a well-functioning data privacy program is to comply with the law; but the spirit of the law—and the true spirit of data privacy—is to protect consumers.


Osano enables you to deliver customer outcomes faster and more reliably than ever, building trust and loyalty. With capabilities to manage consent, vendor privacy risk, and subject rights, the benefits of your data privacy program will be palpable both to your customers and internal stakeholders.

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Improved Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Osano enables you to perform the most time-consuming compliance tasks in a faster, automated fashion, like summary and deletion DSARs and cookie discovery and blocking.


Not only will you save on team hours, you’ll also reduce errors and avoid incurring costly noncompliance fines.

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Build a Culture of Data Privacy and Accountability

With all of the time Osano saves you, you’ll be able to attend to the tasks that only a privacy professional can do: spreading awareness about data privacy compliance, educating team members, and building a culture of data privacy and accountability.


The ability to foster this sort of privacy-first environment is what separates good privacy programs from great ones; Osano gives you the time and resources back to build it.




Rapid, Global Consent Compliance

Being able to collect, act on, and record website visitor consent is one of the fundamental outcomes of a privacy program—in fact, it’s often the first thing enforcement authorities check for. Osano enables you to:

  • Ask for consent in compliance with the data privacy laws of 50+ countries and in 42+ languages.
  • Manage consent on multiple domains.
  • Integrate with the most commonly used tag managers.
  • Store consent records on a private blockchain for proof of consent.
  • Manage consent on iOS and Android apps. 
  • Generate audit trails.
  • And more.
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Automate Your Subject Rights Requests Workflow

Reduce effort and risk when processing data subject rights requests. Using Osano for subject rights management enables you to securely and quickly process DSARs at scale so you can return your attention to more strategic tasks.

Subject Rights Icon-Violet
Manage the End-to-End DSAR Workflow

From identity verification to communication, request fulfillment, and data delivery.

Privacy Template Icon-Yellow
Automate Common Request Types

Like data summaries and deletions.

Vendor Management Icon-Green
Integrate With 100+ Common Data Store Vendors

Out of the box, ready to go.

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Minimize Risk in Your Vendor Ecosystem

Osano’s proprietary database of vendor privacy practices makes it simple to find vendors who can be trusted with your customers’ data. Not only does Osano provide privacy scores to assist you in evaluating vendors at a glance, you’ll also gain access to lawsuit and policy alerts, sub-processor discovery, and vendor assessment templates. Together, these capabilities dramatically speed up the vendor onboarding and review process, ensuring you can get back to work.

Vendor Management Icon-Violet
Assess Vendors by Their Osano Vendor Score

Privacy Team Icon-Yellow
Receive Vendor Lawsuit and Policy Change Alerts

Privacy Template Icon-Blue
Evaluate Vendor Privacy Using Templated Assessments

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Expert insights

Key Resources on All Things Privacy

Discover actionable compliance tips straight from our team of legal and privacy experts through our blogs, webinars, eBooks, guides, and more.

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Simplify Data Privacy Compliance

With Osano, building, managing, and scaling your privacy program becomes simple. Schedule a demo or try a free 30-day trial today.