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Last week, the Osano team joined privacy professionals from across the globe at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit in DC. The DC event is one of the largest privacy events of the year, with privacy professionals attending from many different sectors and industries. It’s always a great way for Osano to connect with its customers, partners, and the broader privacy community. 

Below, we share some of the highlights of the event: 

On the Stage: Privacy Keynotes 

This year we saw a great line-up on the main stage. Beginning with comedian, writer, and commentator Trevor Noah, the event opened with some perspectives on the future of technology and the government’s role in it. Shaped by his childhood in South Africa during the apartheid government, Noah spoke about the use of technology in surveillance, making the point that even well-intentioned technology can be used for ill.  

An additional keynote from Nina Schick, author, speaker and expert on Generative AI, discussed the challenges of building trustworthy AI amid rapid tech adoption. Schick highlighted that 85% of the world now has a smartphone, and ChatGPT achieved 100 million users within two months (a feat that took TikTok 10 months and Facebook two years). It’s clear that the privacy issues associated with emerging technologies, and their rapid adoption, are pervasive to each of us. 

At a time when many privacy conversations in the public eye are about social media platforms and generative AI, the insights from Noah and Schick were particularly relevant for the privacy pros in attendance. We all know that one key aspect to privacy compliance is not just about meeting checkbox requirements but thinking through how data is used, and why, so we can try to anticipate future developments.  

This particularly resonates with us at Osano. We know that our customers want to use privacy platforms in a way that helps them simplify and automate their compliance needs today while having the ability to grow and scale to meet the requirements of tomorrow. 

On the Floor: Privacy Program Concerns 

Being gathered allowed us to have many fascinating conversations about privacy roadmaps and the challenges we are all facing when bridging compliance with business strategies, amid the ever-evolving regulations and new technologies. It isn’t easy.  

We heard attendees talk about the difficulties in building a privacy program with limited resources and the need to find ways to automate for improved efficiency. We know that with the likelihood of new regulations and codes of practice around the corner, many are trying to find new ways to streamline compliance requirements to allow teams to move with greater agility when needed.  

Amid lots of uncertainty, however, one thing was clear: regardless of location, size or industry, growing and scaling compliance is increasingly challenging without reliable privacy platforms who can help them simplify privacy operations to move at pace to the world around them. 

Privacy Compliance Is Year-Round 

From the keynote speeches to the panel discussions and networking opportunities, attendees gained valuable insights into the latest developments and best practices in privacy and data protection. The event highlighted the importance of privacy in today's digital world and the need for organizations to prioritize privacy as part of their overall business strategy.  

As the field of privacy continues to evolve, events like the IAPP Global Privacy Summit play a crucial role in advancing conversation and driving progress towards a more privacy-centric future.  

While the IAPP global summit is an annual event, privacy compliance is a year-round concern, and Osano is here to help. Please reach out to us with any questions.  

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