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When we founded Osano, our goals were ambitious. We wanted to dramatically simplify how companies ensure data privacy and comply in the face of ever-changing regulations. We wanted to help consumers trust that their data and privacy are being protected. And we wanted to build a company that our customers, partners, and employees can believe in.  

 We have achieved a long list of milestones in pursuit of those goals since we were founded in 2018.   

We have built the most intuitively integrated, easiest-to-use data privacy platform in the industry.  

We have been recognized as a leader in consent and a momentum leader in data privacy management by industry analysts. 

We have been named a Best Place to Work multiple times by publications such as Fortune and Inc. Magazine in recognition of the people-centric culture and environment at Osano. 

We have been recognized as an emerging company that is transforming our industry by experts at TechCrunch and other media. 

We have built a financial foundation that has made us the data privacy company that customers know they can count on to be around for the long haul. 

We have been certified as B-corporation whose work benefits the public through improved data transparency and privacy for consumers.  

And so many others.  

Today, there is a new milestone to add to this list. Osano has acquired WireWheel, a leading provider of enterprise data privacy solutions. This is big news for every company that needs to build and manage a large-scale data privacy program. 

What WireWheel's Acquisition Means

WireWheel’s enterprise-grade assessment solutions automate the process of auditing data, identifying privacy risks, prioritizing actions, creating required regulatory documentation, and conducting actionable reporting. They are a perfect complement for the capabilities in the Osano platform. 

Adding WireWheel’s technology to our platform delivers major advantages for enterprise customers, making the best data privacy platform in the industry even better. Enterprise customers will benefit from the scalability, customizability, customer experience, and advanced features that WireWheel’s technology brings to the Osano platform.  

Integrating WireWheel’s assessment capabilities also makes our platform a must-have for enterprise customers who are pursuing AI initiatives. To train their AI models, companies need to feed large datasets into the process, but that data cannot contain private information. If private data is mistakenly included, the AI model must be destroyed (sometimes known as algorithm disgorgement or model deletion) – a major setback for these significant investments. WireWheel has the best assessment tools in the industry, which enables companies to be confident about the data they are using in AI models 

For all of those reasons, this acquisition is a major new milestone for Osano as we wrap up 2023.   

And even bigger things are on the horizon for the coming year. I’m so proud that we are building a company that is not only an industry leader, but also is a company that lives and breathes those ambitious goals we set when we were founded. Much more to come in 2024! 

Read more about the Osano/WireWheel news here. 

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