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Sometimes you need a change of scenery to really get the creativity flowing. Our Engineering team came together in San Diego a few weeks ago, dedicating a transformative week to advancing their knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence (AI).

The journey began with a day-long immersive hosted by our friends at AWS. This hands-on program explored AWS's many AI offerings, gaining valuable insights and understanding. Our team came away with a new outlook on the possibilities of using large language models (LLMs) and other foundational models as new tools as we look to add AI into our platform in 2024.


Osano CTO, Scott Hertel, and Matthew de Anda AWS kickoff Osano's AWS Generative AI Immersion Day. 

Incorporating AI Into Data Privacy


Osano laptop with stickers commemorating the Osano Engineering Offsite.

Then the magic really started! The team engaged in a two-day hackathon around harnessing AI to address challenges in the data privacy landscape. The collaborative spirit and creativity displayed by every Osanian Engineer was truly amazing! The ideas and solutions demoed and presented were eye-opening, showing us a glimpse of the near future and how close we are to changing the privacy game.

image003Osano team members brainstorm ideas for the hackathon.

We are so proud and in awe of our Engineering team, and how they came together with a common goal of learning and self-improvement. They not only knocked it out of the park, but also had a great time doing it. We look forward to implementing some of the things we learned, and we can’t wait for the next hackathon!

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Artificial Intelligence Regulations

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