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Welcome to your latest edition of Osano's Privacy Insider Newsletter! Each week, we send you the latest information you need to know from the world of data privacy. 

In this week's edition: As Zoom's user base grew dramatically last month, so did scrutiny into their privacy practices. Advertisers indicate they are not ready for CCPA enforcement. A couple of recently released surveys reveal the public's willingness to sacrifice data privacy in the name of health.

Here are the top stories from last week that you might have missed:

Zoom's Data Privacy Concerns Grow As Video's Active Users Soar - Zoom experienced massive growth as much of the global workforce transitioned to working remotely. They also faced increased scrutiny into their privacy and security practices, which brought significant gaps to light.

Zoom Video Conferencing Hit With Lawsuit Over Facebook Data Sharing; Other Security Issues Racking Up - Zoom to admitted they give your data to Facebook in a class action lawsuit, as the FBI warns that hackers are having a field day on the video conferencing platform.

Canadian Privacy Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak - The Canadian government has released a number of scenarios where organizations can collect and use personal information without individual consent. It will be interesting to see the extent to which these changes only last until the end of the pandemic or if they change our long-term relationship with privacy.

Verily's COVID-19 Website Becomes A Health Data Privacy Battleground - Verily's COVID-19 screening website has prompted the latest dispute between Alphabet and policymakers over protecting health data. Even as the tech giant has raced to help triage the crisis, lawmakers expressed concern about how the data the website collects might end up being used commercially and whether Verily is complying with privacy laws.

Advertisers Ask California To Delay Enforcement For Data Privacy Law - Various advertising companies joined together to ask for a delay in the enforcement of California’s data privacy, claiming additional time is needed as they are dealing with COVID-19 changes and impacts. The Californian government recently stated there would be no delays in enforcement.

Covid-19 Poll Results: One In Four Prioritize Health Over Privacy - One in four respondents to reader poll said they were okay with sacrificing a portion of their personal privacy in exchange for the potential of reducing coronavirus infection rates and saving lives.

More Americans Hold Themselves Accountable For Protecting Privacy Than They Do Government (Link Broken - Sorry)- In a poll conducted across 10 different countries, Americans were the only ones more likely to put the burden of data privacy protection on individuals rather than the government.

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