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Hello all, and happy Thursday! 

For many (and especially for innovation-happy technologists), AI’s data privacy concerns aren’t immediately apparent. Fortunately for all of us, regulators charged with building guardrails around AI have taken a wider view. 

One of our stories this week focuses on the recent roadmap released by the U.S. Senate AI working group. There are some notable aspects of the roadmap, such as its call for a $32 billion annual investment into non-defense AI development, its focus on business and innovation (and lack of focus on consumer protections), and more. 

What caught my eye the most was the report’s section on privacy and liability—particularly the following paragraph: 

The AI Working Group supports a strong comprehensive federal data privacy law to protect personal information. The legislation should address issues related to data minimization, data security, consumer data rights, consent and disclosure, and data brokers. 


We’ve talked before about the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA) and its long journey ahead in the legislature. But considering the pervasive nature of data privacy issues (proven by its relevance for AI and AI regulation), I’m betting federal data privacy regulation is just on the horizon—if not in the form of the APRA, then something very similar.  



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Top Privacy Stories of the Week

Data Broker Kochava and FTC To Potentially Settle Privacy Lawsuit 

Data broker Kochava and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission requested an extension on pretrial paperwork to "facilitate settlement talks" during its ongoing privacy lawsuit. The FTC filed the complaint after alleging Kochava sold sensitive geolocation data without consumers' consent. 

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Privacy Vs. Finding Stolen Cars: Seattle Considers Expanding License Plate Readers 

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) aims to dramatically expand the use of license plate readers to all 360 of its vehicles in an effort to combat the dramatic increase in stolen cars. However, the request is raising privacy concerns about how the information collected can be accessed by the public and used in investigations of other crimes. The Seattle City Council’s (SCC) Public Safety Committee heard the request by SPD on Tuesday but will not take any action until SPD returns and addresses privacy concerns raised by council members. 

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Colorado Legislature Passes Children’s Privacy Bill 

The Colorado legislature recently passed the Bill on Privacy Protections for Children's Online Data, amending the Colorado Privacy Act. The bill creates additional data protections for minors' online activity, including mandating data protection assessments, prohibiting using minor’s data for targeting advertising, and more. The bill now awaits the governor’s signature. 

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U.S. Senate AI Working Group Releases Roadmap 

After months of closed-door meetings, a high-profile U.S. Senate working group released a roadmap for artificial intelligence that ranks innovation and guidance high in its priorities. The roadmap contains minimal calls for explicit guardrails around the technology, drawing a further distinction between the U.S. and the EU. Instead, it recommends a further examination of how existing regulations can apply to AI and elevates proposals where AI could fall under a greater umbrella of regulation, such as passing a federal privacy law. 

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Vermont Cracks Down on Personal Data Use with New Data Privacy Law 

Vermont legislators have passed what is being called one of the strongest data privacy laws in the U.S. The Vermont Data Privacy Act targets how companies can use personal data available online and allows consumers to file civil lawsuits against companies involved in data privacy violations. The bill is currently awaiting Governor Phill Scott’s signature, though he has expressed concern over whether the bill could have an outsized impact on small businesses. 

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