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Hello all, and happy Thursday!  

It’s been a big week for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—specifically, for children’s data privacy enforcement. Multiple businesses have been found to be in violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), including Microsoft and Amazon. 

We’ve written about the uneven progression of data privacy laws in the U.S. before, but the one subject everyone seems to be in agreement on is that children’s data privacy should be respected, regulated, and enforced. After all, us adults know better than to be careless with our personal data. (Right?)  

Children don’t have the same understanding of the digital world and the threats it contains. So, it makes sense that legislators and regulators are more willing to act on children’s data privacy than on data privacy writ large.  

If you’re not up to date on the recent developments on children’s data privacy law in the U.S., including COPPA, then you’ll want to scroll down to explore our featured blog post this week. 




Top Privacy Stories of the Week


Google’s Updates to Digital Marketing Playbook With Privacy in Mind 

Google recently updated its digital marketing playbook with new information on Google Ads privacy and measurement solutions. The updates are meant to provide businesses with a means of adjusting to the changing privacy landscape while preserving their ability to drive business performance. 

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Microsoft Flags Over $400 Mln Charge for Irish Privacy Violation Fine on LinkedIn 

The Irish Data Protection Commission (IDPC) has made a preliminary decision that LinkedIn’s targeted advertising practices violated European data privacy laws. Though Microsoft plans on disputing the order once it becomes finalized, it has reserved around $425 million to pay an expected fine. 

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Bass Pro Class Action Claims Website Records Visitors’ Electronic Communications 

Bass Pro Shop faces a class action lawsuit over alleged violations of Maryland’s wiretapping law surrounding the use of session replay code on its website. Session replay technologies show businesses how visitors interact with their website and are a widely used web analytics tool. 

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Texas Amends State Data Breach Notification Law 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed an amendment to Texas’s data breach notification law. This change comes right on the heels of the passage of the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act. 

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Amazon's Ring Cameras Were Used to Spy on Customers 

According to an FTC complaint, every Amazon Ring employee was able to access every customer video, even when it wasn't necessary for their jobs. In some cases, individual employees watched thousands of Ring customers’ videos. 

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Amazon Fined $25 Million for Deceiving Parents, Violating Child Privacy Law 

After violating COPPA, Amazon was fined $25 million by the FTC. The FTC complaint indicated that parents were unable to delete their children’s personal data from Alexa devices, including their voice and geolocation data. Although parents were given the option of requesting their children’s data be deleted, Amazon did not act on those requests. 

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FTC Fines Microsoft $20 Million Over COPPA Violation 

Microsoft recently paid a $20 million fine due to COPPA violations related to data collection practices on its Xbox console. Specifically, Microsoft collected personal information from children who signed up for an Xbox account without notifying their parents or obtaining their parents’ consent and illegally retained children’s personal information. 

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Osano Blog: What's Going on With the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)? 

Children’s data is an especially hot-button topic in data privacy. Laws surrounding the protection of children’s data and enforcement of violations are constantly being updated. Check out our blog post to catch up on recent developments with childrens’ data privacy law in general and COPPA in particular. 

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