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Hello all! I hope everybody’s week is going smoothly. 

This week, I want to draw attention to a recent press release from Osano. It's been a busy year for us, and a lot has happened that’s got us very excited for the future! From new leadership hires, more products and features, an incredible degree of brand recognition, and more, we’ve built up a lot of momentum. We’re excited to keep it up into 2023 and beyond. 

I won’t harp on too long about the exciting developments at Osano, though—for those of you who want to hear more, just scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter for a link to the press release. Otherwise, feel free to review this week’s privacy news at your leisure. 



Top privacy stories of the week


ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare. If you’ve ever posted online, you ought to be concerned. 

ChatGPT was trained on a database of 300 billion words scraped from books, websites, articles, and posts on the web—which means that if you’ve posted online, there’s a chance your post has been fed to ChatGPT’s database. This scraped data may include proprietary, personal, or copywrite information, and OpenAI offers no means of checking whether the company stores personal information or to requesting that it be deleted. 

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California Privacy Protection Agency Approves CCPA Regulations 

On February 3, 2023, after two comment periods and much anticipation, the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) voted to adopt and approve its draft CCPA/CPRA regulations. 

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New video shows how much more data Windows 11 sends compared to older versions 

Using an app to analyze network activity, the PC Security Channel found that brand-new Windows 11 machines immediately connected to a staggering number of third-party services, many of whom do nothing but ad tracking. Alarmingly, most of these data transfers occur without user knowledge or consent. 

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Why media agencies are prioritizing building privacy expertise this year as a host of new laws roll out 

As more data privacy regulations roll out with increasingly tighter restrictions, media agencies are building up privacy capabilities, such as expertise in the use and implementation of data clean rooms and hiring dedicated privacy teams. 

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Stalkerware maker fined $410k and compelled to notify victims 

Recently, the New York Attorney General’s Office secured $410k from Patrick Hinchy, who ran 16 companies that sold and produced spyware and stalkerware, as well as ordering him to alert any devices that have been compromised by these technologies. Stalkerware has developed a reputation as a favorite tool for domestic abusers to track their victims’ communications and location. 

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How the US can stop data brokers’ worst practices—right now 

A group of nonprofits—including Just Futures Law, Demand Progress, and the National Consumer Law Center—have written a letter demanding that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau take action against data brokers. As alleged by the nonprofit legal experts, data brokers have been consistently breaking the Fair Credit Report Act for years, and that enforcement against these organizations is long overdue. 

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Australia considers tougher privacy reforms, including 'right to erasure’ 

Partially in response to the cyberattacks on Australian companies Optus and Medibank Private last year, Australian Attorney General Mark Dreyfus’s office has recommended the introduciton of a right to erasue after a two-year review of the nation’s privacy laws. Australia has long lacked the data privacy protections seen in other first-world countries, and the Attorney General’s review highlights the right to erasure as a key priority. 

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Press release: Osano announces expanded leadership team, new products, industry recognition 

Osano has built up a lot of momentum as demand for privacy platforms has intensified, and we’re just getting started! Read our recent press release to learn about all the exciting developments we’re seeing at Osano. 

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If you’re interested in working at Osano, check out our Careers page! We might have the perfect opportunity for you. 

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