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Hello, and welcome to Thursday! We’re gearing up for Osano’s first-ever in-person get together since our founding. Since we’re meeting up next week, our teams are working hard to make sure there are no disruptions to our product, so today, we’re returning to Seanna Tucker, our Senior Content Strategist.

Awhile ago, in a previous role, a few strange things started happening around the office. A coworker (let’s call her Mary) based out of one city was suddenly in my office all the time. She moved with no notice — no one prepped a desk for her, no one seemed to know she was coming. It wasn’t a big deal — our cities were close enough to each other that people popped in all the time. But we knew something was different about this. 

Three days after noticing her sudden transition, the president of our startup came by and sat us all down. Mary was going to be a permanent part of our office. She was escaping a domestic abuse situation, and, as she passed around an image, “Everyone look at this photo, memorize his face. If he comes to this building, he’s violating a restraining order.” 

The photo was shared with the front desk at the coworking space we worked in. No one was could know what neighborhood she was staying in. And no one was allowed to take photos of Mary and post them online because he could use those photos to discover where she was. 

This story comes to mind as I finish up my second month as a marketer representing a data privacy management company and why privacy is so important. As a marketer, it’s essential that I maintain data privacy for consumers because it’s the right thing to do. As a woman — as a person — it’s imperative that I do everything I can to protect the privacy of those who are most vulnerable. And the best way to do that is by ensuring data privacy for all. 

Amid ad-mageddon, Shopify and Facebook butt heads over data (Paywall)

While rumors have circulated over the years about Meta’s desire to purchase Shopify, it looks like in actuality, Shopify is trying to avoid Facebook’s advances. According to The Information (and three people familiar with the situation), Shopify has consistently refused to force merchants to opt-in to sharing more data about their customers to improve Facebook’s ad targeting.

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Brave’s latest feature automatically bypasses Google AMP pages

Brave, a startup dedicated to providing consumer privacy via its web browser, has announced a new feature that will take users straight to original website rather than Google AMP. Brave states that AMP is, “harmful to users and the web at large” because it continues the monopolization of the internet. 

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New Nigerian data protection body calls for stronger privacy standards to drive digital ID

The Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB), officially launched April 11, has called upon the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to create high standards for data privacy and protection to help fortify  the country’s digital ID ecosystem. The NDPB stated during a visit to the NIMC that a digital identity landscape cannot exist without proper privacy and security measures. 

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