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In addition to privacy professionals, marketers are one of the main roles that benefit from using Osano. For a lot of marketers, their biggest concern when it comes to data privacy compliance is losing access to the data that they need to do their jobs well — measuring audience growth, attributing the impact of campaigns on customer lifecycle, delivering targeted advertisements, and so on. Osano ensures the data they use has been collected with consent.

But asking for consent can reduce the overall amount of data marketers have access to. Now that browsers are dropping support for third-party cookies, getting the data that fuels personalized, targeted advertising may be a challenge.

One of our news stories today, however, touches on a proposed solution to the data challenges facing targeted advertising: Walled gardens.

The idea behind a walled garden is that some large platform and/or publisher — think Amazon, Facebook, or Disney — can collect a significant amount of first-party data from their user base. Smaller brands buy space in that platform for their ads, and the platform uses internal technology to target brands’ ads across its user base. Brands get their message in front of relevant audiences, platforms get ad revenue, and users don’t have to worry about their data being shared willy-nilly.

It’s a potential path forward for targeted advertising that keeps user data private. But it also means giving the already dominant big tech platforms even more power and increasing small companies’ dependence on big tech.

Privacy- and marketing-minded folks alike should keep their eye on this trend — time will tell whether it’s the new paradigm for targeted advertising, or whether it’s just one tool of many that future marketers will use.


Disney deal aims at delivering targeted advertising that doesn’t rely on third-party data
Between a lack of browser support and regulatory burden, the use of third-party cookies is on its way out. But that begs the question: How will companies deliver personalized, targeted advertisements that matter to consumers?

A recent deal between Disney and The Trade Desk — a global ad tech company — will enable brands to target automated ads across Disney properties using first-party data gathered by Disney and The Trade Desk. The deal serves as an example of the “walled garden” approach to targeted advertising.
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California Privacy Protection Agency officially commences CPRA rulemaking process
On July 8th, the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) began the rulemaking process that will establish proposed regulations under the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). The 66 pages of proposed regulations include rulings on topics such as data minimization, global opt-out preference signals, and more.
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European Data Protection Board issues statement on EU-Russia data transfers
The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has published an opinion stating that Russia is “no longer a contracting party” to EU legal frameworks and protocols. Without EU recognition or an adequate finding by the European Commission, companies can only transfer data to Russia using the instruments provided for in Chapter V of the GDPR.
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Episode 1 of the Privacy Abbreviated podcast is out!
Together with guests from across the privacy industry, Osano’s Catherine Dawson and BBB National Programs’ Dona Fraser discuss current trends in privacy and offer insights into the complexity of the data privacy landscape. Catherine serves as Osano’s Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel, while Dona works as the Senior Vice President of Privacy Initiatives at the BBB National Programs.

In episode 1, they interview guest speaker Daniel Solave, a law professor at George Washington University. Over the course of the podcast, Dan, Catherine, and Dona discuss the impact of new data minimization principles, the chances and implications of the proposed American data Privacy and Protection Act, and how businesses can build a robust privacy program that sets them up for success for the future of data privacy.
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