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Data is at the heart of your business, and understanding what data you have, where it lives, and who has access to it is a critical part of privacy law compliance. Osano’s AI-driven Data Discovery easily and automatically finds, classifies and evaluates all your data across every one of your systems.

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Most companies have data spread across dozens or even hundreds of systems. And the more complex an organization gets, the harder it is to track the myriad systems in which data get collected and stored. But understanding and mapping that data is critical to compliance with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

Osano’s Data Discovery automatically detects, categorizes, and allows you to search your data — wherever it lives.

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Save hundreds of hours with our automatic AI-driven classification of over 70 types of personal data, personally identifiable data (PII), and sensitive data.


Not only is Data Discovery easy for anybody to use, it’s also easy to implement. Our installation is so streamlined, in fact, you can get set up and configured in less than an hour.


Easily connect Osano to your cloud-based or on-premise products, platforms and databases with a few clicks.
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Find, categorize and search your data - wherever it lives.

Discover Your Data

If you’re like every other company, you have data all over the place. It’s spread across hundreds or even thousands of systems. That data is also often fragmented and obscure. Even system owners may not know every piece of data present. And because of this, it can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming to comply with things like:

  • Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)
  • Data audits
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • GDPR Article 30
  • And more

Osano Data Discovery uses AI and machine learning to make it quick and easy to discover and classify personal and non-personal data, automate privacy rights fulfillment, demonstrate compliance, and drive business value.

Using our simple integrations, you can have Osano implemented and automatically discovering and categorizing your data in a fraction of the time required by other data discovery and data mapping tools. 

And Data Discovery is also integrated with our other features. For example, we can help you identify vendors you need to map with our Consent Management Platform discovery process.

Make your data an asset and not a liability with this next-generation data discovery platform.

What's New at Osano

Chinese banner update

China passed a privacy law recently. The Personal Information Protection Law comes into effect in Nov.1 , 2021. It requires changes for obtaining consent from users for tracking, analytics, personalization and marketing. 

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AI-powered Data Discovery, "No Fines, No Penalties" Pledge, $11M in funding

Today Osano is launching our AI-powered Data Discovery feature and introducing an industry-first "No Fines, No Penalties" Pledge. In addition, we're announcing $11 million in new funding. 

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Global Privacy Control

Osano's Consent Management platform now understands and communicates Global Privacy Control signals.

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French banner consent configuration

In October 2020, the French Data Protection Authority changed its rules on cookies. This feature provides a consent-banner configuration that applies to French users and complies with the DPA's rules. 

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Nissenbaum Release

The Nissenbaum release includes "Text Customization for Consent Manager." Customers can now customize the language within your cookie pop-up. 

Release also includes "Upload Documents" for vendor monitoring.