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Capturing user consent to store cookies isn’t always as simple as running a standard JavaScript snippet. Some web frameworks require unique code to work properly. This is the case for AMP (previously referred to as “Accelerated Mobile Pages”). When it comes to capturing consent on an AMP page the standard approach doesn’t work. That’s why we are excited today to announce Osano’s support for AMP. You can now install Osano Consent Manager on your AMP pages and enjoy all the benefits of privacy compliance that you do on your standard websites.

What is AMP? 

AMP is an open source web framework for creating web content such as pages, emails, and ads, that run and load very quickly. Previously referred to as, “Accelerated Mobile Pages,” AMP pages tend to perform faster because they are simplified versions of the full page and most are delivered by Google's AMP cache. AMP works particularly well for mobile because it can load quickly even when someone has a spotty internet connection. AMP pages tend to rank well in search engines because of their high performance. In particular, media and content sites, such as Dallas Morning News, rely on AMP as a key part of their content distribution strategy. 

How does Osano Consent Manager for AMP work? 

AMP pages are built using framework components. Osano Consent Manger uses the amp-consent component. When building your page you include the amp-consent component script in your page’s <head> tag and include the amp-consent component itself in your page’s body. See the Osano AMP quick start for a complete set of step-by-step instructions. 

Osano Consent Manger for AMP Features

  • Share user consent between your AMP and full sites. Users only have to consent once.
  • Share your configuration between both sites as well. The same UI will be displayed and any changes will be applied to both.
  • Users may update their consent preferences through the AMP version.
  • Conforms to the amp-consent component specification so it is fully AMP compliant.

Why does this matter?

With Osano Consent Manager for AMP, you can now capture and manage consent across your standard and AMP pages using the same Consent Management Platform and the only consent manager backed by a No Fines, No Penalties Pledge!


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