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Producing high-quality legal documents for your privacy program can be time-consuming, costly, or both. Now, with Osano Privacy Legal Templates you can get started faster by leveraging templates generated by our global team of privacy experts. And, giving your outside counsel a completed document to review, rather than starting from scratch, can save you big on legal fees.

Problems with today’s privacy document options

Whether you are a founder or leader with in-house legal counsel, or an organizational attorney who’s responsible for the full breadth of legal challenges, not just privacy specifically, the options for generating privacy documents like cookie policies, contractual clauses, and service addendums can be less than enticing. 

Document options


Do it yourself

Spending the time to research all of the necessary laws and guidelines and then generating something you are confident in is a daunting task. 

Pay outside counsel

You can ask your outside counsel to generate these documents from scratch, but billing legal hours is the most expensive option.

Use general legal document templates

Some websites offer an array of legal templates from power of attorney and name changes to LLC and trademark filing. These sites sometimes have some privacy document templates, but not others. And, as generalists across the entire legal landscape, you can’t be confident that their privacy templates were generated by true privacy experts who are up-to-speed on all of the rapidly changing laws and rulings. 

AI Policy Generators 

Some tools can generate legal templates for you, sometimes using AI. Policy generators often produce inferior end results when compared with fill-in-the-blank document templates. Drafting legal documents requires knowledge of your specific business. AI that tries to give you a document based on it’s corpus of knowledge is often inaccurate and doesn’t fit with the specific needs of your business. 

Why use Osano Privacy Legal Templates? 

Osano now provides a library of privacy templates, created and maintained by Osano’s global team of privacy experts. The same team is continually up-to-speed on the changing privacy landscape and using that knowledge to update Osano’s compliant cookie banners and provide you with in-app regulatory guidance, is now also providing you with legal templates. You can rest assured with a high degree of confidence that you are using document templates generated by privacy experts. 

Save the time of searching the internet for inferior options. Osano Templates are available right in the Osano app and are usable in multiple formats including PDF, Word, Google Docs, and more

Save money on legal fees by sending your completed templates to your outside counsel for legal review rather than asking them to start from scratch. (NOTE: Osano Privacy Templates are not legal advice.) 

What templates are available? 

Currently, Osano features templates for

  • California Do Not Sell/Share Statement
  • California Notice of Financial Incentive
  • CCPA/ CPRA Service Provider Addendum
  • Cookie Policy
  • Data Processing Addendum
  • EU Standard Contractual Clauses 
  • GDPR Statement
  • Privacy Policy

How to use Privacy Templates

  1. Log in to your Osano accounts on
  2. Select Templates from the sidebar menu
  3. Click on the template to open in a new tab. 
    1. To use as a Google doc File > Make a copy. (You will need a Google account to copy as a Google Doc.) 
    2. To download in additional formats (no Google account needed) select File > Download and choose your format.
  4. Text highlighted in green should be replaced with language specific to your organization. 
  5. Text highlighted in yellow provides tips and guidance. Follow yellow highlighted instructions and remove the text from your final document.
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