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Before you can manage vendor risk, you first need to identify who your vendors are. But identifying vendors can present some unique challenges for privacy professionals. The people who know the most about an organization’s vendors tend to sit in IT or finance, but the privacy function most often reports into legal, compliance, or risk. This means privacy professionals must gather information manually by meeting with IT, finance, and line-of-business leaders to uncover who all the vendors are in an organization before the work of managing vendor risk can begin.  

This manual process is time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies and slow reactions to emerging risks. To eliminate this hassle and get you up and going faster, Osano is introducing Automated Vendor Discovery. 

The Value of Automation in Vendor Discovery 

The Osano Privacy Platform now offers several unique ways to automate the vendor discovery process. By using multiple modules in the platform together, you can gain an efficient method for automatically discovering vendors and adding them to your vendor inventory.

Once Osano Cookie Consent is installed on your website, it automatically scans your site to identify website tags like cookies, scripts, and iframes. Now, any vendors associated with these website tags are automatically added to your vendor inventory without any additional effort.

Similarly, Osano Subject Rights Management adds another layer of vendor discovery automation. As automated data stores are added to the system, any associated vendors are added to your vendor inventory, as well. This integrated approach ensures a unified vendor workflow across the platform, enhancing the efficiency of vendor discovery and management.

Assessing Vendor Risk Accurately 

Once you have an inventory of your vendors, you can use Osano Vendor Privacy Risk Management to identify high-risk vendors and monitor vendor privacy posture over time.

Osano assesses vendors against high standards using a model with 163 privacy criteria and produces objective numeric scores so you can spot potential risks at a glance. With a dataset of over 11,000 vendors and growing, you can be confident Osano has got you covered.

Accelerate new vendor selection by rejecting low-score vendors outright and save time by conducting lightweight evaluations on high-scoring vendors without the need for a full, in-depth assessment. 

Then, you can monitor vendor privacy posture over time. Osano’s team of global privacy experts keeps a vigilant watch over vendor privacy practices and continually updates the vendor score dataset to reflect the latest regulations and vendor practices. Osano tracks changes in vendor risk scores, policy updates, and legal activity and notifies you to stay ahead of potential threats.

Streamlining Vendor Privacy Risk Management 

Osano Vendor Discovery is designed to simplify Vendor Privacy Risk Management. It removes the necessity for manual uploads and unnecessary coordination, enabling privacy professionals to focus on critical tasks. Now, managing risk and protecting privacy becomes a more efficient process.

Get started now by visiting the docs to learn more.  

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