DSARs 101: Getting started

Data subject access requests, or DSARs, have been a source of confusion since they were introduced in the GDPR as part of the "right to access" clause. And, since then, even more privacy laws have followed suit with this concept — including the upcoming California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA).

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the "101" of DSARs — we'll take you from knowing very little (if anything) about the subject to having a basic understanding so you're ready no matter where privacy regulations take you.


    What a DSAR is and why it's an important concept in data privacy


    Which laws and regulations require you to implement DSARs


    What you need to know to start fulfilling such requests


William Chia - Director of Product Marketing, Osano

William is a product-minded storyteller who’s spent his career working on products people love to use with an emphasis on great user experience.


As Osano’s Director of Product Marketing, William leads go-to-market efforts for the Osano privacy platform. Osano is built from the ground up as a unified privacy suite including subject rights management, data discovery, vendor monitoring, and the world’s most popular cookie consent solution.

Watch DSARs 101: Getting started


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