Marketers, are you ready for the cookiepocalypse?

Browsers and analytics are changing in 2023, which will improve privacy but also make campaign measurement and optimization less accurate and more difficult.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how things work today, what’s changing, and what you can do to make sure your marketing campaigns continue to improve through these changes while ensuring privacy for your consumers.

Download this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What’s changing with cookies, Google Analytics, and Google Chrome
  • What’s already changed with Safari and iOS
  • How these changes will affect marketers and SaaS companies


Jonathan Kressaty - Cofounder & CEO, FirstParty

Jonathan is the cofounder and CEO of Firstparty, building analytics and automation for marketers and developers. 


Jonathan founded Firstparty after spending 10 years consulting for companies like Twilio, Github,, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

William Chia - Direct of Product Marketing, Osano

William is a product-minded storyteller who’s spent his career working on products people love to use with an emphasis on great user experience.


As Osano’s Director of Product Marketing, William leads go-to-market efforts for the Osano privacy platform. Osano is built from the ground up as a unified privacy suite including subject rights management, data discovery, vendor monitoring, and the world’s most popular cookie consent solution.


Why use Osano?

  • Trusted by thousands of companies from small businesses to the Fortune 500.
  • Easy to use & quick to implement.
  • Makes you compliant with 40+ privacy laws with one line of code.

"Osano is the only third-party app I know that allows a brand to keep its identity and still manage every privacy aspect of a website. [And] their customer service is on point."

- Reviewer on

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