Webinar: The Convergence of Privacy and Security

The Convergence of Privacy and Security: Addressing the New Challenges of the Work-From-Home World

Learn how privacy and security risks have changed since the onset of the pandemic and the rise of working-from-home.

Held on June 18, 2020, this webinar dove into those changes and opportunities, including:

  • Shifting security and privacy risks since the onset of the global pandemic
  • How consumer opinions signal where the privacy and security landscape will shift next
  • Business, employee, and personal impacts of working remotely
  • Specific steps you can take to better safeguard your privacy and security

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What's New at Osano

Chinese banner update

China passed a privacy law recently. The Personal Information Protection Law comes into effect in Nov.1 , 2021. It requires changes for obtaining consent from users for tracking, analytics, personalization and marketing. 

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AI-powered Data Discovery, "No Fines, No Penalties" Pledge, $11M in funding

Today Osano is launching our AI-powered Data Discovery feature and introducing an industry-first "No Fines, No Penalties" Pledge. In addition, we're announcing $11 million in new funding. 

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Global Privacy Control

Osano's Consent Management platform now understands and communicates Global Privacy Control signals.

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French banner consent configuration

In October 2020, the French Data Protection Authority changed its rules on cookies. This feature provides a consent-banner configuration that applies to French users and complies with the DPA's rules. 

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Nissenbaum Release

The Nissenbaum release includes "Text Customization for Consent Manager." Customers can now customize the language within your cookie pop-up. 

Release also includes "Upload Documents" for vendor monitoring.