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About Demio

Demio was founded in 2014 by two marketers who realized webinars were too complicated to create and manage and often provided a poor user experience. Demio offers a webinar platform built specifically for marketers to “make their lives easier and happier.” The platform makes it simple to market and host engaging, interactive events. Participants can attend with one click from their browsers, making it 25x faster than downloading an application. 

Challenge: Find an easy-to-use privacy management tool 

The Schrems II ruling and takedown of the Privacy Shield framework meant Demio would need to refocus its efforts on privacy and security. Co-founders David Abrams and Wyatt Jozwowski hired privacy and security consultants to update Demio’s policies and discovered the need for smarter pixel management. The Demio website runs on the Webflow platform, and its data privacy plugins were limited. They looked for a consent manager tool they could use for both U.S. and non-U.S. traffic on Demio’s website. They also wanted a GDPR representative, as required under the regulation, but figured that would be a separate endeavor.

The founders say Demio was built on the principles of ease of use and simplicity. Unfortunately, the company was struggling to find a data privacy solution that lived up to its core values. 

“We tried in the past with privacy tools internal and external to Webflow, but none of them had everything we needed in one solution, and all were clunky,” says Abrams. “They required too much front-end work and back-end maintenance, and we really wanted to find a platform that looked professional and could run reliably in the background without us constantly having to manage it.”

Solution: A consolidated, automated platform that solves Demio’s pain points

The duo began researching online and reading reviews from both privacy experts and users. Osano was one of a number of tools they demoed. 

“During our presale demo and walkthrough with Osano, we saw they had more than a cookie consent platform, but also a build-out for data subject requests and a GDPR representative,” says Jozwowski. “Osano also offered policy change monitoring to alert us of any privacy law changes so we have peace of mind we are always up to date on our compliance. We experienced how powerful the solution is and had such a great demo experience, we went ahead and implemented it with only a couple of additions of pixels.”

Within 24 hours, Demio had the “Osano Consent Management” pop-up designed and running seamlessly on its website. All of the other Osano features, including the “GDPR Representative,” “Policy Change Detection” and “Data Subject Rights” were implemented soon after. 

Now, when users visit the Demio website for the first time, they see the “Osano Consent Manager” pop-up informing them the website is storing their data and that by remaining on the website, they consent. The user can then enable which cookie categories they agree to run on their browser and can disable one or more of them if they desire. 

“Osano is set up to run automatically, and we trust the platform to do what it’s required to do,” says Abrams. “When assigning rules and classifying pixels into different categories, we can assign new rules. People have the freedom to choose to consent to the data or not, and we can see anyone who opts in or out and what country they’re in. It doesn’t get any simpler, and we know we are doing everything we should do to protect our customers’ right to privacy.”

Results: Easier data privacy compliance that protects Demio and its customers

Data privacy compliance is complex, but Demio was determined to find a solution that simplified it as much as possible. 

“We have already invested so much money in privacy and security, so being able to get this up and running quickly is huge,” says Abrams. “If we had to build out this level of a platform ourselves, it would have taken hundreds of hours and consumed thousands of dollars of engineering resources that wouldn’t be able to focus on developing our products. The Osano platform looks great and does exactly what we need it to do."

The Consent Manager integrates seamlessly with Webflow and Google Tag Manager, appearing visually on-brand and professional. With the automated platform in place, Demio will be able to scale and adapt as laws change and expand. 

Most important to Demio is that its customers are confident the company is focused on their privacy and security. 

“Privacy and security is a large endeavor,” says Abrams. “We trust that Osano’s mission is to make privacy law easier for everyone, and as a company focused on making things easier for our customers, we appreciate how well they deliver on their promise.”

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