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Building Compliance into Marketing Operations Puts Privacy First

Lattice uses Osano to eliminate operational complexity, align marketing and compliance teams, and fulfill its promise of being a privacy-first organization.

  • Reduced Work Cycle Time: Cut the compliance activities cycle time from weeks to hours.
  • Simplified Compliance: Lowered risk and simplified processes associated with constantly changing domestic and global privacy laws.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Improved communication and collaboration between marketing operations and compliance teams. ​​
  • Improved Efficiency: The marketing team now finds it quicker and more straightforward to understand and organize consent data.
  • Enhanced Insights: Enabled marketing to contextualize cookie opt-out rates with traffic sources, distinguishing between true direct traffic and untracked paid traffic.
  • Better Decision Making: Improved capability to analyze spikes in direct traffic alongside paid programs, leading to more accurate traffic and conversion assessments.


Lattice is a leading people management platform empowering high-performing teams with simplified HR operations. Its AI-enhanced people platform helps companies improve workplace performance, increase engagement, and better track and analyze people data. As a privacy-first organization, customer data privacy and transparency about data and its usage are top priorities for Lattice.  


An inefficiency and lack of flexibility complicates compliance and data management 

By the time suggestions were made and implemented, it was time for the next month's review all over again.
weisi kang lattice
Weisi Kang Head of Marketing Operations, Lattice

With over 5,000 organizations relying on its people operations platform, Lattice handles a large amount of sensitive data. Guaranteeing privacy while managing user consent is a requirement and a core commitment for both the compliance team and marketing operations.  

However, the company’s existing data privacy solution hindered rather than helped its privacy program. Inefficiency, a lack of flexibility, and the potential for error raised the risk of non-compliance. “Our previous solution required a tremendous amount of time to manage,” said Charlie Voelker, Director of Compliance at Lattice. “We had to make many compromises because it lacked the configurability and customization we needed.” 

  • Monthly reports rather than real-time data made it difficult for marketing operations to monitor and organize the cookies, tools, and scripts deployed across the web site in a continuous and timely manner.  
  • The team struggled with frustrations due to the inability of their existing software to create dynamic, configurable banners for all regions that would enable them to fine-tune each banner to address specific laws and regulations, or even adapt to changes as they developed; having to frequently update these banners to keep up with evolving privacy laws added another layer of effort and complexity.  
  • Often, the solution would revert to old versions of banners and language following the report cycle, causing frustration, rework, and increased vulnerability to human error. 
  • The marketing operations team lacked the tools necessary to properly organize available data to extract analytics and insights when a user gave permissions to use data for marketing reasons. 
  • Ultimately, managing the existing consent solution proved so unwieldy that Lattice paid an agency to do it, adding cost, further complicating compliance management, and creating an unacceptable lag time between communication and action.   

“By the time suggestions were made and implemented, it was time for next month’s review all over again,” said Weisi Kang, Head of Marketing Operations at Lattice. 

The company needed a consent management solution that would empower teams to achieve its mission of Privacy First.  

Our previous solution required a tremendous amount of time to manage. We had to make many compromises because it lacked the configurability and customization that we needed.
Charlie Voelker Lattice
Charlie Voelker Director of Compliance, Lattice

More Powerful Consent Management with Less Effort

Lattice chose Osano Cookie Consent because the solution’s automation and customization features could help the company streamline privacy operations, reduce compliance risk, and better organize and understand cookie data.  

"Our decision to partner with Osano was grounded not just in the features and functionality of their solutions, but also in how well they align with our approach to privacy,” said Charlie Voelker, Director of Compliance at Lattice. “We view privacy not merely as a regulatory requirement, but as a priority that is fundamental to our business philosophy. This alignment extends to our marketing practices, ensuring they are consistent with both the law and our internal policies. The support from Osano has been instrumental in helping us handle issues like cookie consent, reflecting our commitment to maintaining a privacy-first approach." 

Implementation took less than two weeks (the previous solution’s implementation took at least twice that long) and the clean interface enabled the team to quickly begin improving their system. 

  • The team gained real-time visibility into its data privacy ecosystem, enabling them to continuously monitor cookies, scripts, and tools and act quickly if necessary.  
  • Lattice also eliminated manual work and rework with the ability to automatically create and update cookie banners based on a user’s geolocation. The compliance team gained peace of mind that cookie banners would be more quickly updated and less prone to human error. 
  • The team eliminated extensive back-and-forth conversations between compliance and marketing operations teams to determine what new cookies were discovered, how to classify them, what needed to be disclosed, and more. Osano’s real-time site scans, classification suggestions, and customized rules helped streamline consent management between the teams while helping strike a balance between the business need for cookies and analytics with Lattice’s privacy-first philosophy. 
  • Together, marketing operations and compliance teams could more easily review data and preview banners, enhancing communication and collaboration between the teams.  
  • In addition, a convenient widget in the new solution empowered end users to take control of their data privacy with the ability to easily review and customize their preferences at any time.  
The tools that we want to invest in must be very flexible, intuitive, and easy for our teams to use. Osano meets all of those needs and more.
Weisi Kang Head of Marketing Operations, Lattice

Taking the pain out of privacy operations

Within a few months, Lattice has made managing consent and staying in compliance more intuitive and collaborative than ever before. Osano has enabled the company to save hours of work each month and increase accuracy, in addition to giving multiple teams greater visibility into data to benefit the entire business. 

  • Lattice has gone from a monthly reporting exercise to real-time data access, with the ability to act on issues and create reports with bi-weekly maintenance instead of weeks of delays. Both the marketing operations team and the compliance team have greater visibility into information on cookies, scripts, and tools. 
  • With greater visibility into cookie activity, a better system for organizing and prioritizing information, and the ability to automate changes, the Lattice teams have been able to bring privacy management back in-house, reducing agency fees by thousands of dollars per month and eliminating days of lag time between notification and response. 
  • Lattice now has greater trust in the accuracy of consent language and preferences on its domestic and global banners, eliminating the need to continuously double-check and rework language and freeing up time for more strategic work.  
  • The marketing operations team has been able to organize consent data, eliminate data that they are not using, and analyze available data for targeted marketing opportunities. 

Since onboarding the Osano solution, the marketing operations team feels empowered to work faster and make better decisions based on clear, visible consent data. They also enjoy a more transparent, collaborative relationship with the compliance team as they work to create a truly privacy-first organization. 

Our ability to understand and categorize cookies has been improved with Osano’s support. Both our compliance and marketing teams clearly understand the implications of every privacy decision.
weisi kang lattice
Weisi Kang Head of Marketing Operations, Lattice

Looking to Streamline and Improve Your Privacy Operations? 

If you are looking to better manage user consent, you can contact the Osano team to learn more. If you are looking beyond cookie consent to increase the breadth of your privacy operations, the Osano platform can also help you map data across your organization, respond to DSARs more efficiently, and more effectively assess vendor risk 

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