[Infographic] Essential DSAR terms to know

  • by Matt Davis
  • · posted on July 22, 2022
[Infographic] Essential DSAR terms to know

When legislators craft data privacy laws, they write them for other legal experts — not the individuals and organizations who are subject to the law. For the businesses that are tasked with becoming compliant, that can feel a little unfair.

With more and more data privacy laws coming into effect, businesses are learning that they need to comply with consumer DSARs. But with that comes a tangle of new terminology to wade through. Download the DSAR terms cheat sheet below so you always have them on hand:

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DSAR Terms to Know (Infographic)

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Matt Davis

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Matt Davis is a writer at Osano, where he researches and writes about the latest in technology, legislation, and business to spread awareness about the most pressing issues in privacy today. When he’s not writing about data privacy, Matt spends his time exploring Vermont with his dog, Harper; playing piano; and writing short fiction.