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The kids may be out for the summer, but the privacy team has been enjoying the warmer weather and nerding out in summer school. And you’re nerding out right along with us!

The Privacy Social Whirl

In June, Osano was busy. We hosted three IAPP webinars (which you can find on our Resources page), one privacy workshop in Atlanta, and a happy hour in Denver. Huge shout out to the marketing team for all their planning, content creation, and support, including a steady stream of snacks! Thanks also to our superstar co-hosts and co-panelists: Katherine Britton, Joshua Vaughn, Will Sweeney, Sam Mitchell, Amy de La Lama, and Daniel Rockey.

All month, we’ve had a wonderful time being able to connect with, and learn from, our privacy community. A few things really stood out to us:

The Privacy Community Is Truly Incredible

🤗 In addition to you all being a such smart and talented individuals, it’s also amazing to see the kindness and dedication that teams put into building privacy programs in a thoughtful way.

Privacy Pros Really Love Being Nerdy Together and Hanging Out!

☕️ And if you ever want to chat or brainstorm on a privacy topic over a virtual coffee, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our virtual door is always open!

Privacy Pros Have Been Struggling to Get Buy-In

💰Sometimes, it's because the business does not fully appreciate the privacy impact on other organizational strategies. In other cases, it’s because limited finite resources are being allocated to other risky areas such as AI. But the struggle is real, for sure.

👉 If you haven’t already, make some time to watch our recent webinar on securing buy-in—it might be helpful: Securing Buy-In: Making the Business Case for Data Privacy.

Privacy Pros Are Getting More and More Nervous About Emerging Technologies

It's not just about cookies anymore, or AI (though it sometimes seems that way). Savvy privacy pros are thinking about all the different ways privacy can be collected. (Have you heard of neural privacy?) Impressively, privacy pros are getting ahead of these new challenges with good data governance and a firm understanding of the kinds of data they process. Past, present, or future, both things cannot be underestimated.

👉 As a result, teams are getting serious about data mapping. If you’re building a data map, our colleagues on the product team recently led this incredible webinar on Getting Started With Data Mapping here.

Privacy Pros Are Feeling Overwhelmed With the Number of Privacy Developments and How to Operationalize Them

It’s no surprise that privacy pros are feeling this way. There's a lot going on!

👉 We recently hosted a mid-year regulatory update here, condensing the key changes that privacy pros should be aware of into an hour.

Privacy Pros Are Working More Closely With CISOs and CTOs Than Ever Before

With emerging technologies using more and more data, and privacy pros increasingly supporting AI governance, it’s no surprise that privacy pros are spending more time working with technical teams.

👉We hosted a webinar here with Osano’s very own Chief Technology Officer Scott Hertel talking about AI and how to break it into actionable steps that support privacy and engineering needs.

Lots more to come in July! We hope this update helps you feel prepared for all of the changes happening in the privacy world.

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