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Reshoevn8r Saves up to Six Hours a Day by Streamlining Data Privacy Management


Created in Arizona in 2010, Reshoevn8r has become the leader in premium shoe care innovation, delivering the most extensive and effective shoe care products on the market. The company has fostered a community of sneaker enthusiasts, with more than a million YouTube followers watching their online cleaning tutorials


Maturing Privacy Compliance at a Rapidly Growing Company

As a rapidly growing, U.S.-based eCommerce company with an international footprint, consumer privacy has become a priority for Reshoevn8r. The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) only motivated them more to protect customers’ privacy and drove the company’s initiative to shore up its processes to include General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and future privacy requirements at the same time. Reshoevn8r wanted to tackle Cookie Consent on its website, accelerate its response protocols for Data Subject Access Requests, and establish a record of its compliance measures.

Reshoevn8r focused not only on its own website but on the numerous third-party companies plugged into their eCommerce site. It hoped to streamline how it managed data subject requests to speed how it and third-party companies honored requests. Vishal Wadher, vice president of eCommerce at Reshoevn8r, wanted to put the systems in place to ensure they were compliant with all consumer privacy regulations while making it as easy as possible for customers to make inquiries and requests. 

Robust Consent Management that Improves Compliance, Visibility, and Productivity 

Wadher looked at several data privacy solutions on the market and found the fully automated versions cost more than $5,000 per month and only made sense if there were hundreds of monthly consumer requests. With far fewer requests to manage and the need for more automation than the cheapest offerings, he found Osano was the just-right fit in terms of functionality and price point. “Osano is a middle-ground solution with automation where it matters,” he says. “Osano offers a single line of JavaScript to put on my website, so I don’t have to code from scratch. Their robust process management tool not only standardizes our request response process but also establishes a documentation log that gives us a rolling history of every user consent and access rights preference.”

It took Wadher less than two weeks to fully implement the Osano solution, integrating it into the Reshoevn8r website and getting a workflow in place. He customized Cookie Consent Manager to the look and feel he wanted to match the company’s brand, then approved and tagged each script and cookie discovered by the Osano tool. Wadher found this inventory process beneficial, since it forced him to understand what was happening on the website. For instance, he used Osano to find and block rogue cookies to reduce risk for both Reshoevn8r and their customers who may unknowingly be running them on their browser.

Osano works seamlessly with Reshoevn8r’s eCommerce platform, making it fast and easy to surface the relevant Cookie notification to their audience based on their location. For instance, when a European user visits, they will see multiple privacy options (per GDPR requirements) in the banner that they can opt-out of, options a user from a non-GDPR location would not see unless they visited the company’s privacy policy page. 

Osano gives us 365-degree regulation coverage and the flexibility to extend options to any audience who wants us to honor their data privacy requests. We now have a process that eliminates slip-ups, giving us confidence that we are doing right by our customers, are covered on the compliance front, and have detailed documentation if a question ever comes up.
Vishal Wadher VP of eCommerce

Empowering Customers to Control Their Own Data

Without Osano’s Cookie Consent Manager and Data Subject Access Management in place, Wadher says it would be more time-consuming and difficult for customers to manage their data. “We strongly believe everyone should have the right to do what they want with their data,” he says. “Osano ensures we have a solid process and tool in place to honor their requests quickly and accurately.” 

In the past, Wadher’s team could easily spend up to eight hours scrambling to locate logs, find data, and ensure every request was followed exactly as it should have been. Now, Cookie Consent is fully automated and requests take only an hour or two to honor. Not only can they respond faster, but they have a time-stamped record of their actions they can use for compliance issues as well as to build a culture of continual improvement that benefits the customer.

Wadher believes the support he received from Osano has been a differentiator. 

My Osano rep is phenomenal. Making sure we have everything in place to respond appropriately and quickly to our customers, as well as remain compliant is challenging for any company because it’s all relatively new, constantly changing, and there’s so much at stake. I believe the support in terms of access and knowledge sharing is even more valuable than the tool’s features. I would pick Osano again and again just because of their support.
Vishal Wadher VP of eCommerce
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