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The following is an excerpt from the Austin Business Journal article, "Austin privacy tech startup begins buying spree with acquisition of WireWheel" by Brent Wistrom.

Back in August, Austin privacy startup Osano had a tough decision to make.

The early-stage company, which helps businesses manage digital privacy and comply with emerging laws, had three term sheets in hand for its series B fundraise. It also had an offer to sell a majority stake to a private equity firm. 

At the time, startup funding was at one of its lowest points in several years, and for many companies, a clean exit might have looked appealing.

But Osano passed on the deal, accepted a $25 million investment and kept building.

"When you're building an early stage company, it's always true that there will be exit opportunities along the way," Osano co-founder and CEO Arlo Gilbert said. "And the job of the CEO and the board is to figure out whether those exit opportunities are better than what we have in the future – or equal or worse. And we just believe so firmly that the data privacy category itself is just in the early innings. It's just getting started... If we sold too early, I think we would spend a lot of time regretting it."

Now, it's Osano doing the acquiring.

Read the rest of the article from the Austin Business Journal.

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