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Host Arlo Gilbert and Global Experts Have Dynamic, Thought-Provoking Conversations About the Imperative Issue of Data Privacy

Austin, TX – May 14, 2024 – Osano, the leading data privacy platform, today launches a dynamic new podcast that puts a spotlight on one of the most critical issues both businesses and consumers face in the age of ubiquitous technology: the privacy of personal data. In 2023, 93 percent of organizations surveyed identified data privacy as a Top 10 organizational risk. 

Hosted by Osano CEO and Founder Arlo Gilbert, “The Privacy Insider Podcast” features timely, engaging conversations with global thought leaders and newsmakers who share their expertise and their compelling personal stories about the critical importance of data privacy.

“With this podcast, we hope to put a human face on the topic of data privacy,” Gilbert said. “Our goal is to help listeners–whether they are privacy professionals or others curious about the world of data privacy–understand the dynamic global privacy landscape and successfully protect privacy in both business and their personal lives.”

The series kicks off with a two-part interview with Katherine Tomko, an Osano board member and the first Head of Privacy Programs at Facebook. Katherine is now a Partner at First Ascent Ventures, where she advises privacy and data protection organizations in the firm’s portfolio.

“I’m thrilled to have Katharine as our first guest. Her family’s experience with data surveillance behind the Iron Curtain, an inspiration for her life’s work as a privacy champion, reminds us that privacy is a basic human right,” Gilbert said.

The podcast rounds out Osano’s Privacy Insider offerings. Gilbert is also the author of the recently published book, “The Privacy Insider: How to Embrace Data Privacy and Join the Next Wave of Trusted Brands,” an essential guide to navigating the complex, rapidly changing world of data privacy and building a privacy-first business culture. In addition, Osano publishes the weekly Privacy Insider newsletter, a digest of current events, updates, and thought leadership in the data privacy world. As a certified B-Corp, Osano is dedicated to enhancing transparency and trust in the digital ecosystem.

Starting May 14, listeners can find and subscribe to “The Privacy Insider Podcast” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere else podcasts are available. You can also stream the first episode from the Osano web site.

About Osano:

Osano’s platform of data privacy solutions empowers businesses to successfully navigate the complexities of privacy management by providing the necessary tools and insights for building, managing, and scaling holistic privacy programs. Designed with privacy professionals in mind, Osano’s premier platform addresses the full spectrum of privacy needs, including assessments, vendor risk management, data mapping, and consent and subject rights management.

Osano is dedicated to emphasizing the critical role of privacy as a trust cornerstone, upholding the belief that embracing privacy principles propels organizations into the next wave of trusted brands. Learn how Osano can simplify data privacy for you at

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