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Acquisition Unleashes Highly-Scalable Assessment Solutions on the Most Intuitively Integrated, User-Friendly Data Privacy Platform

Austin, TX – December 5, 2023 – Osano, the leader in data privacy management, has completed the acquisition of WireWheel, an enterprise provider of data privacy solutions. WireWheel’s solutions include its industry-leading privacy assessment tools, built to support data privacy programs at scale with the technical capabilities, customizability and deployment options that enterprise customers require. WireWheel’s capabilities will be fully integrated into the Osano platform.

The acquisition of WireWheel enhances Osano’s platform with enterprise-grade assessment solutions that automate the process of auditing data, identifying privacy risks, prioritizing actions, creating required regulatory documentation, and conducting actionable reporting. WireWheel’s assessment solutions address critical needs such as privacy impact assessments (PIA) and record of processing activity (RoPA) assessments and were recently recognized by IDC as a leader in that category. These are vitally important capabilities in a rapidly changing regulatory environment characterized by a patchwork of laws that vary greatly from country to country and state to state.

This acquisition is high-impact for Osano and WireWheel’s customers because the two companies’ solutions complement one another so well. Adding WireWheel’s technology to our platform delivers major advantages for enterprise customers, who will benefit from the scalability, customizability, customer experience and advanced features that address the needs of deploying data privacy programs at scale. The Osano platform will continue to be the easiest to deploy and use. In an industry where too many platforms have, in reality, many disconnected features that are difficult to deploy and use, our platform truly works.

- Arlo Gilbert, CEO of Osano

The integration of these assessment solutions into the Osano platform will also be valuable for companies pursuing AI initiatives which utilize corporate data models. Companies have to make a significant investment in training AI models with large datasets. However, that data must undergo thorough scrubbing to eliminate private information. Inadvertently including incorrect data requires the destruction of the AI model, leading to a massive investment loss. The capabilities that WireWheel brings to the Osano platform will enable companies to pursue these AI initiatives with confidence.

Osano is actively assessing other potential acquisitions that will expand its platform and its global footprint.

Arlo Gilbert added:

This is the first in a series of strategic acquisitions that Osano anticipates making to expand our platform and increase our leadership position in the data privacy market. We are rigorously evaluating other potential acquisitions that align with our strategy and enhance the value we deliver to our rapidly growing global customer base.

Financial terms of this acquisition are not being disclosed. For more information about the Osano platform, visit:

About Osano: 

Osano makes it simple for companies of every size to build, manage and scale successful data privacy programs that increase trust, stay compliant, and do the right thing. Osano’s tightly integrated platform is the easiest way to access, measure and monitor consent management, data subject rights requests, data assessments, vendor management and more – all in one place. Osano is a B Corporation and is also recognized as a Best Place to Work for 2023. Learn how Osano can simplify data privacy for you at 

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