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Osano Empowers Organizations to Dramatically Simplify the Process of Building, Managing, and Scaling Holistic Privacy Programs

Austin, TX – April 2, 2024 – Osano has launched a comprehensive data privacy management platform that simplifies and automates global data privacy management, from regulatory compliance to privacy by design. The Osano platform empowers businesses to confidently navigate the complex, quickly evolving data privacy landscape, while enabling privacy professionals to seamlessly uphold and apply privacy standards organization-wide.

Unlike other privacy solutions, Osano’s privacy management platform is purpose-built to help companies navigate the complexities of creating a cross-functional approach to global compliance, risk management, and privacy operations excellence, as they work to uphold the highest data privacy standards. Whether working on a single use case or building a whole program, Osano grows with an organization as its privacy programs mature:

  • Cookie Consent: Achieve compliance without the legwork by automating consent management for data privacy laws in 50+ countries.
  • Unified Consent and Preference Hub: Simplify compliance, enhance privacy, and build trust with an intuitive, centralized system for managing consents and preferences across touchpoints.
  • Data Mapping: Know your data, inside and out, through automated visualization and classification of data stores, ensuring alignment with your privacy risk strategy.
  • Subject Rights Management: Process requests in less time with more confidence by automating subject rights workflows and data discovery.
  • Assessments: Simplify and centralize assessments with built-in and custom templates for privacy evaluations.
  • Vendor Privacy Risk Management: Transition from insight to action by proactively identifying, tracking, and managing privacy risks.

If you have used data privacy platforms in the past and were left frustrated or disappointed, you’re not alone. Too many of those offerings were either loosely connected bundles or complex systems that caused more problems than they solved. Osano’s platform changes all of that. It is a true platform with tightly integrated capabilities that is easy to use and implement, delivering immediate value. And it is built to grow with customers as they grow their data privacy strategy and programs over time.

- Arlo Gilbert, CEO of Osano

And customers agree. 

The privacy landscape can be difficult to navigate when it is not your sole job responsibility. While investigating solutions . . . Osano became the obvious choice from an ease of use and automation standpoint. Their post-sales support team is top tier, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to solve this need.

- Peter Ostashen, Director of IT at Francisco Partners

With Osano, businesses can demonstrate compliance with privacy laws confidently, manage user consent in real-time, and leverage valuable insights for targeted marketing and innovation, all while respecting user privacy and enhancing trust.

Osano is demonstrating this platform—including the new Unified Consent and Custom Assessment solutions—at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2024 on April 3-4 in Washington, D.C. Visit Osano at Booth #236 to see a live demo or visit to learn more.

About Osano: 

Osano, the leading data privacy management platform, empowers businesses to successfully navigate the complexities of privacy management by providing the necessary tools and insights for building, managing, and scaling holistic privacy programs. Designed with privacy professionals in mind, Osano’s premier platform addresses the full spectrum of privacy needs, including assessments, vendor risk management, data mapping, and consent and subject rights management.

As a public benefit corporation and certified B-Corp, Osano is dedicated to enhancing transparency and trust in the digital ecosystem. Emphasizing the critical role of privacy as a trust cornerstone, Osano upholds the belief that embracing privacy principles propels organizations into the next wave of trusted brands. Learn how Osano can simplify data privacy for you at

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