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Osano’s own Catherine Dawson and the BBB National Programs’ Dona Fraser are collaborating on a brand new, privacy-focused podcast series called Privacy Abbreviated.

Meet the hosts

Catherine serves as Osano’s Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel, while Dona works as the Senior Vice President of Privacy Initiatives at the BBB National Programs. Along with guests from across the privacy industry, they draw on their expertise and insights to cut through the complexity surrounding the major trends in privacy today.

In an intro to the series, Catherine and Dona lay out their vision for the podcast.

“I think it’s a really complicated compliance landscape for small- and medium-sized businesses,” says Catherine, “and with this podcast, we can give business leaders takeaways that they can use as they go forward trying to build brand trust around privacy and also comply with the new requirements that are coming online in 2023.”

“Many of these small- to medium-sized companies don’t even know what they don’t know,” adds Dona. “Where do they even begin to find information? Where do they go? And then once they’re faced with it, what do they do with it?”

Listen to episode 1

In episode 1, the hosts are joined by Daniel Solove, a law professor at George Washington University and founder of TeachPrivacy, which provides privacy and data security training to businesses, universities, and other organizations. In the podcast, Dan expands on the differences between EU and US data privacy laws as well as the future of privacy in the US.

“What’s tricky about the US approach to privacy is that it’s all over the place,” says Dan. “It’s incredibly messy. And there are parts of privacy law in the United States that are stronger and more protective than the GDPR [...] and other areas of law that are much weaker.”

Dan, Catherine, and Dona go on to discuss the impact of new data minimization principles, the chances and implications of the proposed American data Privacy and Protection Act, and how businesses can build a robust privacy program that sets them up for success for the future of data privacy.

Listen to the full episode here.

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