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There are many facets to running a compliant data privacy program, from understanding the ever-changing privacy regulatory landscape to managing user consent. Two key components of complying with laws like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD are managing subject rights and data discovery. As a complete data privacy platform, Osano’s got you covered with all of these practices and more. However, up until recently, Osano Data Discovery and Subject Rights Management could feel like they weren’t as connected as they should be. 

Too often, privacy tools are complex, difficult to learn, and difficult to use. Some vendors offer a wide array of services, but they’re all disconnected, which means you have to deal with multiple, completely different tools instead of just one privacy platform. It’s even worse when trying to integrate different point solutions to manage your privacy program. It’s like putting together a puzzle that’s made up of pieces from multiple different sets that were never designed to work together. You may eventually get to a complete picture, but it won’t look pretty. 

Although privacy laws and practices can be difficult to understand, they don’t need to be difficult to follow. Privacy is for everyone, and it makes the internet a better place. Everyday people should be able to practice good data privacy without having to treat it like a second full-time job. In the spirit of making things easier for you, we’ve completely reworked and redesigned our Data Discovery and Subject Rights Management products into a singular, unified experience. 

New unified Data Discovery and Subject Rights Management

Now, you can process DSARs in less time with more confidence while Osano automates key parts of the process,  such as assigning tasks to data store owners and performing user searches in your connected Data Discovery integrations. 

And we’re just getting started. The work we’ve done recently is foundational, with an eye toward the future. So, while you’ll instantly get an improved experience today with the new unified platform, we’ve got even more exciting automation planned. 

New features

We’ve reworked the entire DSAR and discovery experience to make it more seamless and streamlined,  but here are a few key features we’ve added: 

Automated data store Identification

Before, when you received a DSAR you needed to manually identify which data stores should be a part of that request before Osano could notify the data store owners. Now, Osano will automatically add data store to a DSAR based on the request type. For example, if a correction request comes in, then Osano will add all data stores that have at least one data field that has a required action for correction requests.  

Automated Assignment

Before, you needed to manually assign data store owners for each DSAR that came in. Now, Osano automatically assigns action items for users based on who is configured as the data store owner. 

Automated Processing

Before, you needed to manually run user searches needed for each DASR that came in. Now, Osano automatically runs user searches. Osano looks for any automated data stores that contain data fields with a request action that matches the DSAR request type, runs a search, and adds it to the request workflow.


In this video, you’ll see an end-to-end DSAR workflow using the new and improved Osano Data Discovery and Subject Rights Management.

Getting started 

Because we’ve made significant changes to the platform, we wanted to make sure everyone using Osano today could continue to do so with minimal disruption and ample time to prepare. We’ll be rolling out the new interface to different groups of people at different times. Here’s how the rollout plan will work: 

New DSAR users get access today

For new Osano accounts and existing accounts that have never used Osano’s Data Discovery and Subject Rights Management solutions, the changes are live in your account now. Simply log in, and you’ll have access to the new unified experience. 

Existing DSAR users get access on August 16, 2022 

To give you a heads-up and time to prepare, we won’t be converting existing accounts that use Data Discovery or Subject Rights Management for another few weeks. When you log in, you’ll see the same familiar interface, and everything will continue to work in the way you’ve come to expect. 

Getting ready for the new experience will require a little bit of effort on your part. To guide you through the process, we’ve put everything you need to know together into one migration guide. If you are using Data Discovery and Subject Rights Management today, you’ll want to be sure to check out the guide and plan to implement it before all accounts get cut over to the new unified experience on August 16. 

The steps you’ll need to take are simple and lightweight, but if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please reach out to your account manager and they can help you get your account migrated cleanly. The new experience is far superior, so we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the update. 

Given the scope of the changes, all accounts will need to migrate and the legacy versions of Data Discovery and Subject Rights Management will no longer be available after the cutover date.

What if I want the new DSAR sooner? 

Most accounts will be migrated on August 16, 2022, but we do have a few slots for earlier access. If you are an existing Data Discovery or Subject Rights Management user, and you’d like to get your account migrated sooner, reach out to your account manager to get added to the list. 

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