Webinar: Preparing for the CCPA

Preparing for the CCPA - Everything You Need to Know and Nothing You Don't

Arlo Gilbert, Co-Founder and CEO of Osano, provides a 30 minutes overview on preparing your organization for the enforcement of California’s new privacy law (CCPA). The webinar was held a few weeks before the start of enforcement on Wednesday, May 20th.

This webinar will teach you the steps you need to take to ensure you’re complying with the law, what best-in-class CCPA privacy practices look like, and how you can use privacy as a competitive advantage for your business.

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What's New at Osano

Chinese banner update

China passed a privacy law recently. The Personal Information Protection Law comes into effect in Nov.1 , 2021. It requires changes for obtaining consent from users for tracking, analytics, personalization and marketing. 

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AI-powered Data Discovery, "No Fines, No Penalties" Pledge, $11M in funding

Today Osano is launching our AI-powered Data Discovery feature and introducing an industry-first "No Fines, No Penalties" Pledge. In addition, we're announcing $11 million in new funding. 

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Global Privacy Control

Osano's Consent Management platform now understands and communicates Global Privacy Control signals.

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French banner consent configuration

In October 2020, the French Data Protection Authority changed its rules on cookies. This feature provides a consent-banner configuration that applies to French users and complies with the DPA's rules. 

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Nissenbaum Release

The Nissenbaum release includes "Text Customization for Consent Manager." Customers can now customize the language within your cookie pop-up. 

Release also includes "Upload Documents" for vendor monitoring.