Webinar: Preparing for the CCPA

Preparing for the CCPA - Everything You Need to Know and Nothing You Don't

Arlo Gilbert, Co-Founder and CEO of Osano, provides a 30 minutes overview on preparing your organization for the enforcement of California’s new privacy law (CCPA). The webinar was held a few weeks before the start of enforcement on Wednesday, May 20th.

This webinar will teach you the steps you need to take to ensure you’re complying with the law, what best-in-class CCPA privacy practices look like, and how you can use privacy as a competitive advantage for your business.

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What's New at Osano

Consent Manager now available in 42 languages

Consent Manager has been updated to support auto-translations in Lithuanian, Latvian and Brazilian Portuguese.

We have also enhanced support for right-to-left languages. 

See a full list of supported languages here.

Griswold release

This release features improvements to Osano Consent Management features and search engine optimization metrics. Customers can now choose to turn First-Layer Categories on/off in cookie banners. Also, customers have the ability to toggle Legacy Browser support on/off to improve site performance. 


Consent Manager now available in 39 languages

Consent Manager has been updated to support auto-translations in Croatian and Icelandic. See a full list of supported languages here

Vendor Auto-Following

Enterprise customers can now automatically track the vendors they've identified in Consent Manager. The change allows seamless and constant monitoring of your vendors and eliminates the need to follow them manually. The feature also alerts you to relevant policy changes their vendors have made and changes that could impact your risk.

Pentland release

This release offers new features in consent management and data subject access requests products. This release is named after Alex Pentland, one of the architects of the GDPR.

Pentland Release Notes