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      Manage consent for data privacy laws in 50+ countries

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      Streamline and automate the DSAR workflow

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      Efficiently manage assessment workflows using custom or pre-built templates

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      Unified Consent & Preference Hub

      Streamline consent, utilize non-cookie data, and enhance customer trust

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      Data Mapping

      Automate and visualize data store discovery and classification

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      Vendor Privacy Risk Management

      Ensure your customers’ data is in good hands

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      Vendor Risk Management

      Regain insight and control over your customers’ data

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      Privacy Program Management

      Build and grow an end-to-end privacy program

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Law Firm Referral Program

Osano + Law Firms

Osano is the easy-button law firms can recommend to their clients facing data privacy compliance requirements. Unlike complex, difficult-to-use solutions, Osano provides a simple solution for data privacy compliance that you can feel comfortable referring to your clients.

Based on 85+ reviews

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An Overview

What Osano Does

Osano is a data privacy platform that provides consent, data subject rights, assessments, vendor risk, and more in one place so that organizations can increase trust, stay compliant, and do the right thing.


Comprehensive Privacy Compliance Made Simple

Osano streamlines the privacy compliance journey. Our platform is designed to help organizations effectively build, manage, and scale their privacy programs. By using Osano, your clients can ensure compliance with international privacy laws, build customer trust, and uphold the highest standards of data ethics.

Global Compliance Assurance

With Osano, your clients will be compliant in over 50 countries, including adherence to GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, and more. This extensive coverage is vital for clients dealing with a dynamic regulatory environment, providing them with a versatile tool that adapts to various legal landscapes.

Recommending Osano means equipping your clients with a tool that is always up-to-date with the latest privacy regulations, simplifying their global compliance efforts.

Compliant in 50+ Countries

Including GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, and more.

Supported by Our Pledge

Backed by the industry’s only “No Fines. No Penalties.” pledge.


Help Your Clients Meet Compliance Challenges

Our customers use Osano to support the full range of data privacy compliance activities. 

 With Osano backing thousands of brands on the web, we’re proud to enable trust and protect privacy for businesses and consumers alike. 


Osano Users

1 billion+

Consents served per month

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Practical Compliance Solutions with Osano: A Smart Choice for Your Clients 

Osano balances robust compliance capabilities with maximum usability. 

  • Simplified Consent Management: Just one line of JavaScript, allows your clients to handle user consent more efficiently, even without extensive technical expertise or resources. 
  • Effective DSAR Management: With an embedded form, platform integrations, and secure in-app communications, Osano enhances your clients' ability to respond to data requests promptly with ease. 
  • Compliance with Data Mapping: Empower clients to manage DSARs, assess privacy risks, and grasp their data landscape. Osano simplifies legal compliance, providing a vital tool for responsible data handling. 
  • Vendor Privacy Tracking: Osano's comprehensive database gives your clients the ability to assess and manage vendor privacy practices, contributing significantly to their risk management strategies. 
  • Integrated Privacy Assessments: Osano streamlines privacy assessments and data discovery, aiding clients in sustaining regulatory compliance efficiently. 
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Osano in 90 Seconds

Watch to learn all about the basics of Osano—the intuitive data privacy platform for simplifying privacy compliance.

The Osano Story

Doing Well by Doing Good

Why We're Here 

Osano was founded in October of 2018 by CEO Arlo Gilbert and CTO Scott Hertel. Earlier that year, they watched in disbelief as members of the U.S. Congress questioned technology leaders about online data privacy. It was clear then, just as it's clear now, that even the best and brightest officials lacked essential knowledge about how data is stored and shared—and if they were confused, then businesses must be as well. 

When it comes to data privacy, doing the right thing can be complicated. Increasingly complex new and updated laws are being implemented across geographies. Organizations don’t always have the resources or the staff to make sure they’re compliant once a new law goes into effect. And when they do reach compliance, the threat of wide-scale data breaches and lack of insight into their vendors can shatter consumer and employee trust.

That’s where Osano comes in. We believe data privacy is a fundamental human right, and the companies that embrace privacy will become the next wave of trusted brands. 


What We Do

Osano is an all-in-one data privacy platform that helps organizations build, manage, and scale their privacy programs. Each of the platform’s features is tailored to the data privacy laws that impact your consumers and team members. These features can work together in tandem or separately as your needs allow. Our platform helps you: 

  • Simplify privacy program management: Osano gets you up and running quickly so you can steer clear of hard-to-implement tooling that keeps you out of compliance longer. 
  • Automate complex compliance work: Avoid the errors and risks that come with manual processes. Features such as consent management automation and subject rights automation give you time to focus on your most critical priorities. 
  • Gain confidence in your compliance: Osano provides the industry’s only “No Fines. No Penalties.” pledge and Osano’s global team of privacy experts continuously monitors the privacy landscape, keeping you and the platform up to date. 
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Partner Resources

These resources will help you get started on your journey with Osano.

Osano's Data Privacy Platform One Pager

A great spot to start for some quick facts about our all-in-one data privacy solution.

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B Corp One Pager

Curious about our B-Corp status and how it plays out in the world of data privacy? Check out this one pager for more info.

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Osano Partnership Program One Pager

Access this one pager for more information on partnering with Osano and contact information to get started.

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Expert insights

Key Resources on All Things Privacy

Discover actionable compliance tips straight from our team of legal and privacy experts through our blogs, webinars, eBooks, guides, and more.

US Data Privacy Checklist hero

2024 U.S. Data Privacy Checklist

Download our checklist to learn what your first steps should be, regardless of which law applies to your organization.

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Privacy maturity model - Resource card

Privacy Program Maturity Model

A points-based method of evaluating your privacy program’s operational efficiency and identifying exactly what your next steps should be.

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Customer story - Lattice

Building Compliance into Marketing Operations Puts Privacy First

Lattice uses Osano to eliminate operational complexity, align marketing and compliance teams, and fulfill its promise of being a privacy-first organization.

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Simplify Data Privacy Compliance

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