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Hello all, and happy Thursday!  

Welcome to 2024! It seemed like just a few years ago it was 2018, and Osano’s CTO Scott Hertel and I had just founded Osano. It’s a good time to reflect on all that’s happened thus far—and quite a lot has happened. Just in the last year, we: 

From all of us at Osano, we want to thank you for the enthusiasm and support that drove all of these accomplishments in 2023. In turn, we’re looking forward to supporting your company’s compliance, protecting your customers’ privacy, and facilitating your privacy program. We’re thrilled to have you with us for 2024 and beyond! 




Top Privacy Stories of the Week

New Privacy Requirements Under Quebec's Law 25 Now in Force 

Quebec has published a draft regulation (open for public comment for 45 days) regarding the anonymization of personal information under Law 25. It would require public bodies and applicable private entities to adequately anonymize all personally identifiable information it collects and spells out the criteria under which such anonymized information can be used for processing purposes. 

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FTC Proposes Strengthening Children's Online Privacy Rules 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is proposing sweeping changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, including turning off targeted ads to kids under 13 by default, limiting push notifications, limiting data collection by educational technology, and requiring storage limitation.  

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Colorado Identifies the Global Privacy Control as First Valid Universal Opt-Out Mechanism 

Beginning on July 1, 2024, organizations subject to the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) must allow consumers to opt out of the sale of personal data and targeted advertising via a universal opt-out mechanism (UOOM). Now, Colorado has announced that the Global Privacy Control, or GPC, is the first valid UOOM under the law.    

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The FTC Settles AI Enforcement Action Against Rite Aid  

The FTC made its first major foray into regulating against artificial intelligence bias and discrimination, settling a complaint against Rite Aid regarding the company's use of facial recognition technology for retail theft deterrence. The FTC concluded, "As a result of Rite Aid's failures, Black, Asian, Latino, and women consumers were especially likely to be harmed by Rite Aid's use of facial recognition technology." 

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Osano Blog: What Is Cookie Governance and How Do You Do It? 

Understanding cookies and consent management is an important step to becoming compliant with modern data privacy regulations, but there’s another piece of the puzzle: Cookie governance. It’s what differentiates the inefficient from the efficient when it comes to cookie consent management. Once you master the cookie governance lifecycle, many downstream compliance activities become much, much easier. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to robust cookie governance. 

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