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Just like a master chef tailors a recipe to the tastes of their patrons, our latest feature allows you to customize your compliance efforts to suit your business needs perfectly.  

Osano is excited to unveil a significant enhancement to our compliance toolkit: Custom Assessments. This new functionality is designed to transform how businesses manage and execute their data privacy assessments, providing an unprecedented level of customization and efficiency. 

Assessments - Due DateTailored for Your Needs 

Custom Assessments allow you to craft templates that align with your organization's requirements. This capability ensures compliance with various global regulations, including the GDPR and CCPA; industry-specific requirements; as well as assessments for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). This customization goes beyond mere compliance—it enables your organization to handle data privacy with the precision and adaptability your organization needs and demands. 

Streamlined User Experience 

Assessment template options

Setting up and managing assessments is made easier with Osano. After creating your custom templates, you can assign them directly from the Assessments section. The platform allows you to name your assessment, choose the appropriate template from your customized options, and manage the entire process within the Osano workflow. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of your compliance efforts.  

Template Selection: Begin by accessing the "Templates" section within your Osano dashboard. Here, you can choose from pre-existing templates or create a new one to suit your specific needs. This initial step sets the foundation for the tailored assessments your organization requires, ensuring that each template meets your specific compliance needs. 

Customization and Evidence Collection: Customize your template by adding specific questions that align with your compliance goals. You can include a variety of response types, such as narrative answers or the option to upload evidence. This functionality is crucial for thorough documentation and verification of compliance, allowing respondents to provide both detailed explanations and tangible proof of their compliance practices. 

Custom Assessments Evidence Upload

Review and Refinement: Before deploying your assessment, take advantage of Osano's preview feature to conduct a thorough review. This allows you to ensure that questions are clear and that the template effectively gathers all necessary information, including evidence submissions. Adjust the content, structure, or order of questions as needed to ensure clarity and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Collaboration at Its Core 

Herding cats might seem easier than collaboratively managing a thorough compliance assessment, but Osano’s focus on collaboration streamlines this process beautifully. Assign assessments to internal stakeholders or invite external contributors to participate directly, ensuring that those who possess the most relevant and precise information are directly involved. This approach significantly enhances the accuracy of the data collected and thereby improves the reliability of your risk determinations. Our solution ensures that everyone is on the same page, making the assessment process as smooth as possible.  

Navigate the Future of Compliance with Confidence  

Osano's Custom Assessments represent the next step in the evolution of data privacy management—offering you an advanced level of personalization, accuracy, and ease that aligns with the dynamic nature of today's regulatory environment. With the ability to invite the most knowledgeable stakeholders to contribute, whether from within your organization or from external parties, the platform ensures your risk determinations are based on the most reliable information available. 

Discover more about how you can level-up your assessment process with Osano. 

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