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At Osano, we're committed to leading the way in data privacy and compliance innovations. Today, we are proud to announce the Unified Consent & Preference Hub, a sophisticated platform designed to manage user consents and communication preferences efficiently across various platforms and jurisdictions.  


Unifying Privacy Management Like Never Before 

The Unified Consent & Preference Hub simplifies consent workflows, offering a centralized system for tracking and managing user consents and preferences across inputs and platforms, thereby turning privacy compliance into a strategic advantage. 

With this launch, Osano helps teams deal with the struggle of the fragmented nature of consent data across multiple systems, providing a unified solution that simplifies compliance, reduces risks, and improves operational efficiency. Further, helping teams easily understand users' communication preferences enables targeted marketing and privacy-first growth, ensuring that businesses can engage customers more effectively while respecting their privacy preferences. 

With the Unified Consent & Preference Hub, your team can: 

  • Manage consent for data collection touchpoints beyond website cookies 
  • Allow consumers to choose when they receive content from your organization, what content they receive, and how they receive it 
  • Comply with broad regulatory obligations like California’s Do-Not-Sell/-Share requirement 

This means less hassle for you and more clarity for users. It’s a solution designed for the modern privacy era, where privacy compliance is not just a legal requirement but a cornerstone of customer trust.  

Eliminate Redundant Work, Boost Operational Agility, and Set-Up Compliance Efficiently 

What truly distinguishes the Unified Consent & Preference Hub is its innovative approach to consent management. Traditional solutions require you to manage consents for each jurisdiction separately, leading to duplicative work and complex maintenance. The Osano platform streamlines this process with privacy protocols that can be applied across multiple jurisdictions, simplifying compliance efforts as laws and regulations evolve over time.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Universal Consent 

Working faster and more strategically is something privacy professionals aspire to. But beyond privacy operations, a platform that enables Universal Consent is a giant step forward for your business and your customers. How? Let's break it down: 

  • Say Hello to Seamless Compliance: Unified Consent isn't just another tool; it's your golden ticket to transforming privacy from a checkbox chore to a standout customer experience feature. With consent capabilities in one place, compliance becomes an organic part of doing business and peace of mind becomes the new normal. 
  • Think Globally: The world is diverse and so are its privacy regulations. With Unified Consent, you're equipped to navigate this landscape with confidence, ensuring your business meets the needs of local regulations with minimal upfront effort.  
  • Banish Inefficiency: Integration headaches? Operational hiccups? Nope. No more. Unified Consent slots into your existing ecosystem, connecting with common platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, and SendGrid to streamline your operations without missing a beat. 
  • Normalize Transparency: In today's world, privacy is paramount, and transparency is king. Unified Consent puts the power back in your customers' hands, letting them know exactly how their data is being used. This isn't just good privacy practice; it's a trust-building powerhouse.  
  • Live in the Future of Data Privacy: The Unified Consent & Preference Hub offers a sustainable path forward in an online world that is moving away from third-party cookies. Businesses can ethically collect and utilize first-party and zero-party data by tracking consents for such information, unlocking deeper insights into customer preferences and behavior. This approach ensures that growth strategies remain data-informed and privacy-compliant. 

With tightening regulations and rising customer expectations, the Unified Consent & Preference Hub not only mitigates risks but also enhances customer trust and satisfaction through transparent and respectful data practices. 

Take the First Step Toward Universal Consent 

Embrace the future of privacy compliance with Osano’s Unified Consent & Preference Hub. To learn more about how our platform can streamline your consent management processes and ensure global compliance, visit our product page. Start your journey toward efficient and compliant consent management today! 

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