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Osano is thrilled to unveil a new suite of features designed with developers in mind. We're not just focusing on ticking compliance boxes but on creating seamless, integrated, and user-friendly experiences in the ever-evolving digital landscape.  

Empowering iOS Development: A Seamless Privacy Experience 

Privacy has become a fundamental user expectation in today's digital world, particularly on mobile platforms like iOS. To address this, Osano has developed a software development kit (SDK) for iOS designed with an emphasis on simplicity and developer-friendliness that makes it straightforward for companies and app developers to adopt and integrate.  

Osano's iOS SDK is specifically designed to help apps comply with data privacy regulations beyond iOS requirements. It ensures that privacy compliance is not just an add-on, but an integral part of the app experience.   

By integrating Osano's SDK into iOS apps, users can enjoy a seamless experience without disruptive transitions to external websites or documents. It encourages users to stay longer and engage more meaningfully within the app. In addition to supporting compliance, this toolkit enhances user trust and engagement through transparent and respectful data practices. 

Consent Ledger API: The Power of Universal Consent 

In the realm of data privacy, consent management is not just a regulatory requirement; it's the cornerstone of customer trust and ethical data practices. This is where our Universal Consent API steps in, reshaping how consent is collected, recorded, and managed. 

Imagine you're a developer tasked with integrating a consent management system across multiple touchpoints in a complex digital ecosystem. The challenge? Each touchpoint requires a unique consent experience tailored to its context and user interaction. Often, these systems don’t speak to one another, which makes tracking consents across data sources a complex, manual process. 

Osano's Universal Consent Ledger API enables you to create custom consent experiences that align with your brand and user interface, ensuring a smooth user journey across all platforms. By centralizing the consent audit trail, our platform helps privacy teams maintain a single source of truth for all user consents across the organization, aiding in regulatory compliance and risk management while improving customer trust. 

Get all this with a bespoke, easy-to-use, and easy-to-implement API. 

Subject Rights and Data Mapping APIs: Automation & Integration 

Our Subject Rights and Data Mapping APIs offer developers powerful solutions to help their organizations meet compliance obligations and achieve privacy excellence. By leveraging these APIs, developers can efficiently handle subject rights requests and manage data mapping processes with ease. With the ability to create new requests and update detailed information about data stores, developers can incorporate compliance into their operations and achieve privacy excellence.  

Osano's APIs provide a wide range of use cases for businesses. Here are some of the most important ones:  

  1. Integrating Diverse Data Sources: Osano's APIs allow for seamless integration with data sources outside of its automatic integrations, offering flexibility and control over your data management processes.  

  2. Automating and Communicating Actions: These APIs enable you to automate and communicate actions with ease, such as deleting user data or updating data store information. By doing so, they ensure prompt and accurate compliance actions.  

  3. Enhancing Internal Workflows: With these APIs, systems like Jira can be integrated into the privacy management process, enabling alerts and notifications for internal teams. This streamlines the response to user requests.  

  4. Creating and Managing Data Stores: These APIs offer the necessary tools to create and manage data stores, whether you want to create manual data stores or convert them to automated ones. This ensures that your data privacy management is as dynamic as your business.  

  5. In short, Osano's APIs provide businesses with a comprehensive and flexible solution for data privacy management, making compliance management seamless and efficient, allowing developers to focus on delivering innovative solutions and driving business success. 

Why Osano Stands Out for Developers 

  • Developer-Centric Approach: We get the developer mindset and have tailored our tools for smooth integration into your workflows. 
  • Intuitive Use: Powerful yet user-friendly, our APIs make implementation and management a breeze. 
  • Assured Compliance: With Osano, you stay ahead in the compliance game, keeping your business aligned with data privacy laws. 
  • Building Trust: Prioritizing user consent and data rights enhances customer trust—a priceless asset in the digital age. 
  • Continual Evolution: We're committed to growing with the dynamic landscape of data privacy, ensuring our tools always match your evolving needs. 

Looking Ahead: A Partnership for the Future 

In this digital era, where data privacy is of utmost importance, Osano stands as a steadfast partner. Our tools, crafted specifically for developers, enable companies to not only cultivate an environment of respect and transparency around data privacy, but also to create and sustain a compliance system that is straightforward and manageable. 

Explore the full potential of our new features at Osano Developers, or take some time to speak with our team about how Osano can join you in creating a more private, secure, and trustworthy digital experience. 

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