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In today's digital age, privacy has become a top priority for companies. Businesses struggle to keep up with new and changing regulations and compliance requirements for disclosures. Moreover, today’s consumer demands transparency. They are loyal to brands they trust and abandon those they do not. This is where TrustHub comes in. 

TrustHub helps privacy leads, legal professionals, compliance teams, marketers, and others create, organize, and manage their most important privacy documentation in one place. With TrustHub, these individuals can take control of documents like their:  

  • Privacy policy 
  • Cookie policy 
  • Cookie disclosures 
  • GDPR representative disclosure 
  • And more  

In addition to the above, individuals can quickly make required updates without having to wait on website gatekeepers while still meeting the branding and style guidelines set by marketing. 

TrustHub is the latest addition to the Osano Data Privacy Platform, which allows businesses to manage other parts of their compliance program such as consent, subject rights, and vendor privacy risk. With Osano, companies can incorporate their privacy policies, procedures, and controls all in one central platform. 

Features of TrustHub 

Ability to Create and Publish a New Osano-hosted Privacy Website 

With TrustHub, companies can create and publish a new Osano-hosted website that your privacy experts can manage, and your marketing team can customize. Users can add their logo and browser favicon assets as well as provide CSS styles to match your existing site branding. Your TrustHub can have as many or as few pages as you require to satisfy your compliance requirements and includes a built-in navigation menu to allow your users to see all your privacy-related documents in an intuitive experience. 

Edit Content Easily in Rich Text Format 

TrustHub makes it easy for businesses to edit their content in a simple, rich text format, built on the Markdown code language. This means that your content will be easy to create, and the design can be flexibly styled by basic CSS options that your site is already using. If you already have a privacy policy on your existing website, transferring the content to TrustHub is as simple as copying and pasting.  

Integrate GDPR Representative Information with One Click 

If you rely on Osano as your GDPR representative in the EU (European Union), TrustHub allows you to integrate your GDPR representative information into your documents with just one click. This helps avoid costly typos while maintaining GDPR requirements without having to spend extra time and resources. 

Embed Detailed CMP (Consent Management Platform) Cookie Disclosures 

For customers of our Cookie Consent product, you can embed detailed CMP cookie disclosures on a specifically designed, auto-generated page in seconds. Your cookie disclosures will match the data that is shown in your Cookie Consent Preference Drawer, ensuring your disclosures are consistent across your site with minimal maintenance effort. 

Multiple Embed Options to Support Your Needs 

You may want to link directly to your new TrustHub site or embed a single TrustHub page within your existing site. TrustHub provides both options and includes easy-to-embed code snippets to help your TrustHub content fit your site without additional headaches. Once your site or page is embedded, all future updates to the page just require publication in Osano—no need to update your code snippets or do a full website deploy. 


TrustHub is a game changer for privacy experts who are struggling to maintain their privacy documentation and ensure the content on their company’s marketing site(s) is always accurate and up to date. With TrustHub, businesses can organize and document their most important privacy documentation in the same place where they manage the rest of their privacy program. This makes it easier for companies to keep privacy centralized and integrate the work done in other Osano products into their most visible privacy documentation. 

If you are interested in learning more about TrustHub, review our getting started guide or schedule a demo with us today. 

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