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Modern businesses and privacy programs can no longer manage privacy risk with point solutions. The problems are too numerous, the cost is too high, and the effort involved in orchestrating all of these different solutions is prohibitive. 

That’s why we're pleased to introduce the Osano Data Privacy Management Platform. 

This purpose-built privacy management platform empowers privacy professionals to navigate the complexities of global compliance, risk management, and privacy operations excellence. Crucially, the Osano Platform does so in a holistic manner that cuts down context switching, cost, and effort. Whether working on a single use case or building a whole program, Osano grows with an organization as its privacy programs mature.   

Here, you’ll learn why a platform approach to privacy is essential, how the Osano Platform addresses privacy challenges, and the features and capabilities you’ll benefit from as you navigate the modern privacy landscape. 

What Makes Privacy Risk a Hydra 

The more you look into data privacy compliance, the more you realize that it’s a multi-headed beast; solve one problem, and three more take its place. 

  • Regulatory and operational complexity is overwhelming: Keeping up with privacy laws across jurisdictions is overwhelming for privacy professionals, let alone other business stakeholders. When they do understand requirements, operationalizing them is even more complex. Few organizations have their data mapped, and therefore, few organizations understand the location, purpose, and flow of data subject to privacy regulations. 
  • Consumer trust is elusive: Even if you’re achieving compliance, it won’t matter much to consumers if they can’t sense your respect for their privacy. Nowadays, mistrust is the default. Winning consumer trust in this environment can be a huge edge—but it’s difficult to provide the consistent, transparent, and respectful experience that wins trust. 
  • Existing tools lack scalability: It can be tempting to solve each new privacy challenge with a new tool or process. This approach, however, leads to a tangled nest of incomplete integrations, incompatible solutions, redundant workflows, and exhausting context switching. Ultimately, this means greater cost and slower operations while still suffering from high risk. 
  • Risks abound: Data privacy risk isn’t just a matter of regulatory penalties. Organizations struggle to mitigate and manage risk associated with data breaches, where excess personal data collection makes your organization a more attractive target; M&A, where perceived risk could impact or outright stall an important deal; cyber insurance, where additional risk drives up premiums; and many other domains. 
  • Resources are finite: Last but not least, businesses are struggling to manage all of these data privacy compliance challenges without breaking the bank. Businesses need an efficient solution to data privacy management—and working with a small galaxy of point solutions, spreadsheets, and manual processes is anything but efficient. 

How the Osano Platform Helps 

The Osano Data Privacy Management Platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that simplifies compliance, provides actionable clarity, and empowers privacy teams. The Osano Platform equips teams with the resources necessary to deeply comprehend their data and business operations, making Osano an essential element for timely, risk-aware, and operationally efficient decision-making. 

Equipped with the Osano Platform, you’ll gain capabilities related to consent management, data mapping, rights administration, comprehensive assessments, and vendor risk evaluation. Together, these solutions provide a holistic view of data movement within your organization across the data privacy lifecycle.   

Ultimately, this convergence of products solves the challenges faced by businesses and privacy teams struggling to achieve compliance: 

  • Gain confidence and clarity in compliance management knowing that your teams can easily manage and update features like consent banners, subject rights request workflows, privacy assessments, and more for privacy regulations across the globe. 
  • Earn user trust through centralized privacy policy publication tools, easy-to-use and understand subject rights portals, intuitive consent and preference management portals, and vendor management solutions that ensure you only work with organizations that can be trusted with your customers’ data.  
  • Rest easy knowing that Osano scales with your organization, both as it expands territorially and as its data processing practices evolve. Automated capabilities help you keep your data map up to date as you add new systems, discover data to answer subject rights requests, deliver assessments, localize cookie consent banners and subject rights forms, and more. 
  • Not only can you mitigate risk with Osano, but you can prove it too. Using Osano helps you demonstrate compliance with data privacy regulations; prove valid consents and changes to consents and preferences; identify what personal information is collected, where it flows, and assess why it’s processed; and ensure that vendors take care to ensure valid consent and deletion of data. 

Crucially, all of these capabilities function seamlessly together. Osano provides operational efficiency because its modules were designed to integrate with one another. The Osano Platform helps you do more with less by reducing duplicative work and integrating solutions together. 

The Six Core Modules of the Osano Platform 

Whether working on a single use case or building a whole program, the Osano Platform grows with an organization as its privacy program matures, ensuring the success of every aspect of data privacy management. The Osano Platform features six modules designed to coordinate and address the major needs of a privacy program: 

  • Cookie Consent: Achieve compliance without the legwork by automating consent management for data privacy laws in 50+ countries.  
  • Unified Consent and Preference Hub: Simplify compliance, enhance privacy, and build trust with an intuitive, centralized system for managing consents and preferences across touchpoints.  
  • Data Mapping: Know your data, inside and out, through automated visualization and classification of data stores, ensuring alignment with your privacy risk strategy. 
  • Subject Rights Management: Process requests in less time with more confidence by automating subject rights workflows and data discovery  
  • Assessments: Simplify and centralize assessments with built-in and custom templates for privacy evaluations.  
  • Vendor Privacy Risk Management: Transition from insight to action by proactively identifying, tracking, and managing privacy risks.  

The Simple, All-in-One Data Privacy Platform 

The Osano Platform offers you a seamless, unified means of managing data privacy compliance that avoids the all too common “frankenstack” experience. Purpose-built for data privacy, it empowers privacy professionals to attend to their responsibilities without endless context switching or bottlenecking, and it helps align privacy with other stakeholders in the organization. 

Schedule a demo of the platform to find out what it feels like to manage your organization’s privacy needs in a holistic, scalable, efficient manner. 

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