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Get ready to elevate your subject rights experience with Osano! Designed to make your life easier while ensuring global compliance with local precision, Osano’s latest enhancements to Subject Rights streamline your workflows, help you connect more personally with your audience, and improve both compliance and the end-user experience. 

Automatic translations, bulk actions, and customized branding in privacy management tools represent a trifecta of efficiency, compliance, and reputation management. They allow privacy teams to operate more efficiently, meet regulatory requirements more effectively, and demonstrate a deep commitment to respecting and protecting user privacy. 

With these exciting advancements in mind, let's delve into the specific features we've rolled out and how they're set to transform your approach to subject rights management and compliance communications. 

🚀 Elevate Efficiency with Bulk Actions 

Action Items

First off, we've given our Action Items page a complete makeover. The new and improved page now supports bulk action item assignment and completion. What does this mean for you? Efficiency at its best! Now, you can manage multiple action items with just a few clicks, saving you time and reducing manual effort. In Q1, Osano released the ability to handle action item assignments, complete requests with no results found, and bulk-reject or complete requests.   

🌍 Chatting in Every Language: Your “Tower of Babel” Moment

Language localization

In our quest to make your interactions as smooth and personal as possible, we've introduced several updates to ensure your requester-facing communications resonate with your audience, no matter their language. Here’s what’s new: 

  • Email and Secure Messaging Portal Translations: We’ve made it possible for requester-facing emails and the default content within the secure messaging portal to be automatically translated into the requester's language preference. Plus, you can now preview these translations on the Localization tab of the DSAR form. 
  • Customizable Email and Webpage Content: With additional templates on the Templates tab, you have more freedom than ever to tailor the content of requester-facing emails and intake webpages. Whether a requester submits a request via email intake or is navigating the request process, your messages will always hit the right note. 
  • Forms That Speak Fluent "You": To top it all off, forms are now automatically translated into the preferred language of the subject rights requester. This feature ensures that everyone, regardless of their language, can easily navigate and complete forms, making the request process as inclusive as it gets.  

In addition, Osano’s newly launched localization map within the Subject Rights module will let you preview the resulting emails and forms for a typical requestor from a given location. 

DSAR Form Localization

📝 Templates Galore: Your Style, Your Way  

Completion Template

We understand the importance of communication that not only informs but also reflects your unique brand voice. That's why we’ve expanded our Templates tab across the board. Whether it’s customizing emails for when a request is submitted, in progress, or even rejected, you have the creative freedom to ensure every touchpoint is perfectly aligned with your messaging. 

Why You’ll Love These Updates 

When you're handling global compliance with the precision of a local café's latte art, you're not just ticking boxes; you're building bridges. 

Embracing our latest updates transforms how you manage your privacy program, blending operational efficiency with an unwavering commitment to compliance. These enhancements ensure that your communications resonate across diverse audiences, breaking down language barriers and simplifying complex legal information into clear, accessible interactions. This shift not only streamlines your processes but also significantly bolsters your compliance posture across key regulations like the GDPR and CCPA.  

Streamlining the management of subject rights requests with automated translation and bulk action tools markedly boosts the privacy team's efficiency. This modern approach removes the need for time-consuming manual data entry and individual document handling, enabling a faster and more uniform response to requests. It catalyzes the team's ability to act promptly, reduces the likelihood of errors, and conserves valuable resources.  

Moreover, integrating your brand's unique identity into every communication not only ensures consistency across your privacy messaging but also builds trust with your users. 

Blending efficiency with a personal touch isn't just nice—it's essential. These updates are about more than just meeting the minimum requirements; they're about elevating your privacy practices to a level that places user respect and data protection at the core of your operations. This enhances your reputation and solidifies your position as a privacy-conscious organization in the eyes of users and regulators alike, while reducing the workload and potential risks introduced through manual efforts at maintaining a subject rights program. 

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