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What does it take to make data privacy simple and stress-free for consumers and businesses alike?

It takes bold thinkers.

Diverse perspectives.

Unparalleled professionals.

And genuinely delightful human beings.

As it turns out, making data privacy accessible and compliance easy is a feat that requires an exceptional team. We figured — why keep the wonderful people who help build our compliance technologies hidden away? We enjoy working with Osano team members (dubbed “Osanians”) too much to keep them to ourselves. To share their stories with the world, we’ve developed the Spotlight on Osanians series.

Every few weeks, we interview one of our team members to learn more about their perspective on data privacy, their experience working with other Osanians, and the twists and turns in their professional lives that have given us the good fortune of calling them our coworkers.

To stay up to date on these stories as they are released, check back on this page every now and again. We’ll update it with new blogs in our Spotlight series as they are written.

The Osanians we’ve talked to so far

Get to know Alan J!

"The team was so enthusiastic about the company, and it was clear they focused on employee experience above all else — which was a huge selling point for me," said Alan Jacobson, senior strategic account executive at Osano. "I then started reading about the product as well as Scott + Arlo's vision. The vision is huge and has the potential to have a profound impact on businesses and society."

Get to know Chris W!

"Despite being a small company, Osano has done a fantastic job of empowering people with diverse skill sets from all walks of life," said Chris Washington, implementation manager at Osano. "That provides us with a level of versatility in terms of the future of the product that you typically don’t see in companies of this size."

Get to know Seanna!

"Osano’s culture is welcoming and open to new ideas — I know I can talk to leadership, and they'll actively listen and consider what I have to say," said Seanna Tucker, senior content strategist at Osano. "And I was excited about working for a Public Benefit Corporation and a B Corp. It felt like Osano was trying to do some good in the world, and I wanted to be part of that."

Get to know Kelsey!

"Within my career, and my work as a creative and a musician, it’s important for me to be in an environment where I can be my authentic self." said Kelsey Peterson, technical recruiter at Osano, "Osano not only invites me to do this, but it also empowers me to be creative, curious, and intentional in everything I do."

Get to know Kait!

“One of my favorite aspects of working with a totally remote team,” said Kait Marcinek, one of the Senior Product Managers here at Osano, "is the opportunity to work with people you would never have met otherwise, simply because of where they are located.”

Get to know Tyson!

“Being an engineer at Osano has been the best professional experience I’ve had,” said Tyson Stewart, a Senior Software Engineer at Osano. “My teammates all care deeply about their roles and our mission. It’s a great organization to be a part of.”

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