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This past month we shipped several enhancements and bug fixes to the Osano privacy platform. Read on to learn about what’s new for Osano in March 2022. 

DSAR secure attachments

When a data subject submits a DSAR, you must verify their identity before you can process the request. Osano’s DSAR web forms have a built-in attachment field to upload files such as a photo with a government ID. But what if you need to share files back and forth with more context? 

Osano Data Subject Rights comes with a secure messaging portal you can now use to send and receive files. Osano scans each attachment for viruses to keep you and your users safe.

In some cases, you may get a DSAR submitted on someone else's behalf. Along with their ID verification, you’d need a copy of their power of attorney. Now, you can request the power of attorney via the secure messaging portal. The data subject can use the portal to send the file for a seamless experience. 

When you receive an access or portability request, you may need to share a full copy of the data with the subject. Now, you can send those files via the secure messaging portal as well.

X to close on banner 1

Osano Consent Management Platform (CMP) provides compliant banner templates for 50+ countries. 

This past month we added an X to close the dialog for consent dialog 1. (Dialogs use a banner or box depending on your config and both now have the X.) This dialog appears and then disappears after a timeout. Before, website visitors were not able to dismiss the banner/box and needed to wait for the timeout. Now, they can click the X to dismiss the dialog. This has been a popular feature request due to the improved user experience. 

Clicking the X has the same effect as the timeout: Osano implies consent and accepts all cookies. Uses can remove consent by updating their settings using the Osano Storage Preferences.

Countries that use Dialog 1:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • United States (with CCPA Opt-Out enabled)
  • All other unspecified countries

Like all CMP updates, you must publish before the change will go live. If you use CSS to override the Consent Dialog 1 styles, test the update to make sure it appears how you want it to.

CMP configuration sorting

When you only have one website, you can manage cookie consent with only a few CMP configurations. Often, folks have one for testing on a staging site and one for the public site. But folks with many websites may have hundreds or even thousands of configurations. Each domain with unique banner styles or a unique set of cookies to categories needs its own config.

This past month we shipped a small quality of life improvement to Osano CMP that is sure to make a big difference. You can now sort and filter, so you can sift through a mountain of configurations in a few seconds. We also added the Created date to the user interface to help you find the right configuration fast.

Sort by

  • Name
  • Domain
  • Created date
  • Updated date
  • Compliance Mode
  • Publish Status

Filter by

  • Compliance Mode 
  • Publish Status 

New integrations for Data Discovery

Osano Data Discovery finds data fields in your apps and categorizes them using AI. Our growing catalog of 40+ integrations helps you:

  • Find user data for data subject rights requests
  • Run data assessments in less time
  • Prove compliance with a categorized log of apps that store personal information

This month’s new integrations:

  • Wista
  • Trello
  • Recurly
  • Square
  • Big Commerce
  • Braintree
  • Slack
  • Sendbird

And more!

For a full list of improvements see the March 2022 release notes.

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